Feb 20, 2011


Today we packed up Tulley and London, and headed up to Auburn for lunch. The master plan was to have lunch, meet up with Cameron's hunting buddy to transfer some gear and go play in the snow a little. That's exactly what we did, albeit I've used the word "play" loosely.

We took the Old Auburn exit and headed into the historic district. Boy was it busy there - probably took us 20 minutes to find a parking spot. After a brief walking tour, we settled on Awful Annie's for lunch. London is getting to be such a big girl, sitting in high chairs all the time now. She found great amusement in the wine list. Daughter like mother, I guess.

Then we met us with Cameron's hunting buddy Gilles, who drove over the pass from Reno. This was all so Cameron could pick up his, and two other friends, gear that Gilles was kind enough to drive out to Colorado and back.

Next stop, Snow! We drove up to the rest area just past Gold Run Rd, where there was enough snow to get Tulley and London their first experiences. We were really curious how Tulley would react. She charged right onto it, following her dad like a good girl.

Meanwhile, I was bundling up London. We were very thankful for the little snowsuit the Moffetts had gotten her for Christmas. Purple is definitely her color too. From there, London and I stood outside while we watched Cameron and Tulley play fetch with snow balls and chunks. After a few pictures with London in her outfit we were ready to go.

Cameron and I are both looking forward to some sledding and snow man making next winter with London, which means a Cabela's trip is in our future to get me some snow boots and clothes! May have to stock up on some hot chocolate for those days as well.

And before we did any of this today, Cameron and I planted garlic in the wine barrels. We're hoping it does well, as we do eat a lot of fresh garlic.


Feb 19, 2011

London's Stats

London is now 8 months old! I only have four months to plan her 1st Birthday party. Don't worry, I've been thinking about it for a good month already and have ideas simmering.

On Valentine's Day, London had her 8-month checkup. She did great, and only had to get one shot this visit. Here are her current stats:

Weight: 17 lbs, 3 oz, 40-45 percentile
Height: 29 inches, 96 percentile
Head Circumference: 17 inches, 35-40 percentile

So good news is London has gained some healthy weight, and her head isn't considered so small. The weight increase may be credible to the fact that London has finally decided she likes solid foods and is eating at least a small carton at dinner, 1/2 of a large sized carton.

For Valentine's Day, I got London the little "Love Bug" that Hallmark was advertising for the holiday. A Love Bug for my Love Bug. I actually call her Bug often, so it was a fitting gift. For future Valentine's Day, I'll use the Love Bug to give her presents and cards.


Feb 11, 2011


There's a lot of adjustments being made in the Cenedella household these days. I'm adjusting to going back to work. After being off for almost an entire year, getting up at 6 AM 3 days a week is tiring. Cameron's also having to adjust to this as I can't not wake him when I get up, even though after my shower I get ready in the closet or downstairs bathroom.

Because of my working, London is adjusting to not having me around 24/7. At first, she seemed to be doing well. She loves our neighbor Lauren and did well for a couple hours at a time while I was interviewing. This last week she was pretty ornery according to Lauren. We all think its the adjustment, plus with the new schedule, we're making London get up earlier. And to bed earlier. She's now going to bed between 7 and 7:30. Which means we don't get to see much of her during the week. Another adjustment.

Cameron's also adjusting to not having the both of us in the house all the time. Sometimes, he walks down to see London when he needs a break and a smile.

The last major adjustment from all of this is Cameron and I are now headed to bed early on nights I work. Gosh, do we feel old when we are in bed by 9:30!

London's got her 8th month checkup on Valentine's Day, so stay tuned for her latest stats.