Jan 8, 2011

Running in the Cold

Today was my first day with SacFit. Most of the day was dedicated to orientation and a couple of guest speakers, but there was running involved. Each member of the running group was asked to run 2 miles around Sac State's track. We would then record the amount of time it took us and our heart rates after running this distance. This information will help to divide the couple hundred of us into pace groups so that we train with people at a similar running ability, which will happen next week.

The guest speakers were great as well. First was Jon Sherwood, a former Cal bears football player and physical therapist. He reviewed with us proper running technique, from loose shoulders to short strides, and the all important butt. He stressed how a strong butt helped with your running form. He even passed out these exercise bands for us to work with to strengthen the muscles in the glutious maximus.

Next up was Iron man and triathlete Brad Kearns. He spoke to us about having quality workouts versus quantity. The main piece of advice I walked away with is that our bodies do need rest when training for distances like the half marathon I am. That means if its been a stressful day at work, or I'm not feeling well, my workout for the day is to rest - sit down and watch a movie or nap/sleep. I can go for that.

Tomorrow I'll receive an email full of this week's workouts - personal training days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. These will get quite tailored as the season goes on and will eventually begin group events as well. Wish me luck!

On another note, we're all set for Mexico! Cameron and I are going to start South Beach on Monday, as we both have 20 lbs we would like to lose before parading around in bathing suits. We're going to be staying at an all-inclusive, adults-only resort in Cancun called Playa Mujeres - this includes drinks and 24-hour room service. London will be spoiled rotten while we're gone, as my parents are coming out to take care of her. I don't know who is more excited about the week - Cameron and myself, or my parents.

Until next time, with Love,

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