Jan 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011! While 2010 was a good year, we hold on to the hope that 2011 is even better. December was a pretty busy month for us. First it was just getting the house decorated for the Holidays. London's quick moves in developmental milestones left us running to baby proof our house and after her.

My parents arrived for the Holidays on December 18th and on December 19th we held a holiday open house for our friends and family to stop in for some appetizers, drinks and sweets and to visit with my parents. It was so heart-warming to see so many old friends make the effort to come to Sacramento on such a stormy day. We saw people we haven't seen in many, many years and at one point we had 4 pediatricians in the house.

The next week was spent getting those final gifts and putting the final touches on our now annual gift baskets. Except, instead of baskets, I made canvas totes, complete with embroidered pockets, from the canvas used at our wedding to protect people's clothes from the hay bales. I was quite proud with the end results, and hope to make some for ourselves sometime this year - we still have a ton of canvas left over!

Christmas Eve we headed up to Cameron's mom's for the afternoon where gift unwrapping turned crazy chaotic and fun now that our nephews and nieces are so excited to open their gifts and play with new toys.

From there, we headed up to meet my parents at the Moffetts. We've spent so many Christmas Eves with them, I've lost count. As always it was a very pleasant visit, this year being a low key one. At one point it was just the Moffett and London families on location. We left much later than we'd planned and didn't get home until after midnight.

Good thing London doesn't know what Christmas morning means yet as we were able to sleep in some after the late return home the night before. Once awake, London did enjoy ripping into her presents even if she didn't quite get the concept of ripping off the wrapping to get to the gift inside.

We headed back to Vicki's for Christmas dinner later that day. After a delicious Prime Rib dinner and a relaxing evening, we made it home at a decent time. My parents headed home the next morning.

Before we knew it, it was New Year's Eve. Really, I'm not sure what we did the week in between the holidays. We'd had had plans with friends to come over for a child-filled New Year's Eve, but they'd gotten a late start home from Hearst Castle that day and wouldn't be able to make it. While we were bummed our friends wouldn't be able to ring in 2011 with us, it was a blessing to have it just be the three of us that night. I was coming down with a cold and we all were exhausted from the previous weeks' events. Plus, London was pretty crabby from her first teeth coming in. We put her down at her normal bedtime of 9 PM, expecting to ring in 2011, just Cameron and me. London had other plans. She woke up at 11:56 PM, just in time to get kisses at midnight from mommy and daddy. We all headed to bed shortly after.

With the holidays over, its time to get the decorations down and the house back in order before I start working again. I start a 4-month gig at Holt of CA mid-January, so my time as a STAHM (stay-at-home-mom) is dwindling down quickly.

Until next time, with Love,

All dressed up greeting Grandma Bonnie on Christmas Eve

Playing with Uncle Dan

Finally asleep Christmas Eve. London didn't nap ALL day.

Opening gifts Christmas morning.

London sporting a plumber's butt Christmas day at Grammy's.

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