Jan 17, 2011

London's Adventures

It seems every time we turn around, London is up to something new. Back in December, she sat up without the support of an arm, once. Rarely, did I see her do it again, although my dad loved the way London sat with the support of one arm. In the last month all London seems to be doing is sitting up unsupported by arms. It's so cute when she sits up playing with her toys. A corner of our family room has been transformed into her "play" room. Of course, by the end of the day several toys are strewn across the entire room, along with some in our bedroom!

London has also mastered coffee table walking and has even figured out how to transition from the coffee table to the ottoman without going back down to her hands and knees (all she has to do is hold onto the coffee table with one arm, pivot and reach for the ottoman). We've had to clear the coffee table of everything and we have to watch where we leave the TV remotes as London really wants to get her hands on these, and sometimes she does. Just this morning she managed to get off the input for the TV and on to one with no connection so all we were watching was TV snow.

And while I haven't witnessed this yet, our neighbor Lauren and Cameron say they have seen her stand on two feet without holding onto anything, briefly. My guess is she'll start doing this all the time within the next two weeks. Before we know it she'll be taking those first steps.

The solid foods adventure is slow going. She is still not too interested in it and doesn't eat too much ever. Hopefully as she gets a little older this will change.

This week also marked my going back to work. I'm currently a temp worker for Holt of California, helping them spruce up their web site. The work keeps me busy and is exciting as I'm learning new skills each day and learning about a new industry, but its a little lonely. I'm in a cold room at the back of the building, all by myself and have very little interaction with any one other than my supervisor and the guy that used to do this job. Hopefully this changes in the next week as the current project advances and I need more input from other people.

I'm set up to work 3 days a week, Tuesday thru Thursday. London spends these days two doors down with our neighbor Lauren and her husband Woodrow, when he gets home. Lauren absolutely adores London and vice verse. Its so nice to just walk her over in the morning before I leave or have Cameron take her over when she wakes up in the morning and have a quick trip to pick her up when we get home. She seemed to do ok this week, my guess being that its more of an adjustment getting up earlier than being away from me. But it was heartwarming when Cameron and I went to pick her up yesterday. Cameron picked her up as soon as we walked through the door. As soon as London saw me she reached for me and clung to me for a good 10 minutes before deciding she wanted back down to crawl. I guess she does miss me some.

Until next time, with love,

Jan 8, 2011

Running in the Cold

Today was my first day with SacFit. Most of the day was dedicated to orientation and a couple of guest speakers, but there was running involved. Each member of the running group was asked to run 2 miles around Sac State's track. We would then record the amount of time it took us and our heart rates after running this distance. This information will help to divide the couple hundred of us into pace groups so that we train with people at a similar running ability, which will happen next week.

The guest speakers were great as well. First was Jon Sherwood, a former Cal bears football player and physical therapist. He reviewed with us proper running technique, from loose shoulders to short strides, and the all important butt. He stressed how a strong butt helped with your running form. He even passed out these exercise bands for us to work with to strengthen the muscles in the glutious maximus.

Next up was Iron man and triathlete Brad Kearns. He spoke to us about having quality workouts versus quantity. The main piece of advice I walked away with is that our bodies do need rest when training for distances like the half marathon I am. That means if its been a stressful day at work, or I'm not feeling well, my workout for the day is to rest - sit down and watch a movie or nap/sleep. I can go for that.

Tomorrow I'll receive an email full of this week's workouts - personal training days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. These will get quite tailored as the season goes on and will eventually begin group events as well. Wish me luck!

On another note, we're all set for Mexico! Cameron and I are going to start South Beach on Monday, as we both have 20 lbs we would like to lose before parading around in bathing suits. We're going to be staying at an all-inclusive, adults-only resort in Cancun called Playa Mujeres - this includes drinks and 24-hour room service. London will be spoiled rotten while we're gone, as my parents are coming out to take care of her. I don't know who is more excited about the week - Cameron and myself, or my parents.

Until next time, with Love,

Jan 5, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions, but this year, I'm changing course and setting a few goals for myself. Nothing big, minus the typical - get healthy and lose weight. Cameron is joining me in this one and we are now more motivated than ever given the idea of being among friends in bathing suits in April.

Our friends Nicole and Aaron are getting married and have invited guests to join them on their honeymoon in Mexico after getting hitched in Vegas. Cameron and I haven't taken a real vacation since our honeymoon to London in March/April 2009! This does mean we'd be postponing our plans to go to Disneyland for my 30th/London's first birthdays. We'll wait until she's a little older for that trip. I'll just have to celebrate my 30th a month early :).

In an effort to get going on this resolution, Cameron has just left for the gym with his new iPod Shuffle, a Christmas present from me. Yesterday, I headed to Fleet Feet to get fitted for a new pair of running shoes and begin training for a half marathon with SacFit on Saturday. While at the gym, I'm having Cameron check into the daycare there to see if its something we can take advantage of with London so we can both go to the gym sometimes. We're also either freezing or throwing out all the sweets the holidays have left us with and focusing on eating more healthy options.

Other resolutions I have:
Finish decorating our family room. All it needs is an entertainment unit and some throw pillows, really.

Continuing on the decorating theme, I'd also like to get all our bathrooms decorated this year. Both the powder room and London's bathroom are pretty much finished, just need some painting really and some mirror framing. And even our bathroom is well on its way. I figured I'd start with the smallest rooms of the house and then next year we'll get on with the rest of it.

For London, I want to start and stay up to date on her baby book. A $20 gift card to Shutterfly from pictures with Santa will help get us started on the prints.

I also need to finish cross-stitching and putting together her stocking. Almost there. Problem is, I can work on it only so much before my shoulder begins to hurt, so with the holidays behind us, I pick it up only when the mood strikes.

Last, I want to get caught up on my magazine pile. I subscribe to six magazines, five of which are monthly and one quarterly. Three of these subscriptions are relatively new, and one I've been able to stay on top of over the last year. The other two, not so much - I have some monthly issues from 2008! Now, I don't just read and toss my magazines out either; I pull out pages with interesting facts and crafts, recipes and beauty tips. Right now those pages are filling a filing box. I have folders waiting to organize these piles, but right now I'm so busy catching up on the magazines I don't have time to organize the pages I pull. This year the idea is just to get caught up on the magazines. I'll save 2012 for getting the pull outs organized. Good thing I have almost a full year right now.

I'll revisit these resolutions in December and let you know how I did.

Until next time, with love,

Jan 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy 2011! While 2010 was a good year, we hold on to the hope that 2011 is even better. December was a pretty busy month for us. First it was just getting the house decorated for the Holidays. London's quick moves in developmental milestones left us running to baby proof our house and after her.

My parents arrived for the Holidays on December 18th and on December 19th we held a holiday open house for our friends and family to stop in for some appetizers, drinks and sweets and to visit with my parents. It was so heart-warming to see so many old friends make the effort to come to Sacramento on such a stormy day. We saw people we haven't seen in many, many years and at one point we had 4 pediatricians in the house.

The next week was spent getting those final gifts and putting the final touches on our now annual gift baskets. Except, instead of baskets, I made canvas totes, complete with embroidered pockets, from the canvas used at our wedding to protect people's clothes from the hay bales. I was quite proud with the end results, and hope to make some for ourselves sometime this year - we still have a ton of canvas left over!

Christmas Eve we headed up to Cameron's mom's for the afternoon where gift unwrapping turned crazy chaotic and fun now that our nephews and nieces are so excited to open their gifts and play with new toys.

From there, we headed up to meet my parents at the Moffetts. We've spent so many Christmas Eves with them, I've lost count. As always it was a very pleasant visit, this year being a low key one. At one point it was just the Moffett and London families on location. We left much later than we'd planned and didn't get home until after midnight.

Good thing London doesn't know what Christmas morning means yet as we were able to sleep in some after the late return home the night before. Once awake, London did enjoy ripping into her presents even if she didn't quite get the concept of ripping off the wrapping to get to the gift inside.

We headed back to Vicki's for Christmas dinner later that day. After a delicious Prime Rib dinner and a relaxing evening, we made it home at a decent time. My parents headed home the next morning.

Before we knew it, it was New Year's Eve. Really, I'm not sure what we did the week in between the holidays. We'd had had plans with friends to come over for a child-filled New Year's Eve, but they'd gotten a late start home from Hearst Castle that day and wouldn't be able to make it. While we were bummed our friends wouldn't be able to ring in 2011 with us, it was a blessing to have it just be the three of us that night. I was coming down with a cold and we all were exhausted from the previous weeks' events. Plus, London was pretty crabby from her first teeth coming in. We put her down at her normal bedtime of 9 PM, expecting to ring in 2011, just Cameron and me. London had other plans. She woke up at 11:56 PM, just in time to get kisses at midnight from mommy and daddy. We all headed to bed shortly after.

With the holidays over, its time to get the decorations down and the house back in order before I start working again. I start a 4-month gig at Holt of CA mid-January, so my time as a STAHM (stay-at-home-mom) is dwindling down quickly.

Until next time, with Love,

All dressed up greeting Grandma Bonnie on Christmas Eve

Playing with Uncle Dan

Finally asleep Christmas Eve. London didn't nap ALL day.

Opening gifts Christmas morning.

London sporting a plumber's butt Christmas day at Grammy's.