Dec 21, 2010

A Visit With Santa

Today we took London to see Santa for the first time. We'd been advised by a friend to find a Santa with a real beard. I assumed the one at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville would have one so Cameron, London, my parents and I headed out there this afternoon.

Thankfully, last night's the flash mob of carolers didn't do any real damage to the food court balcony and the mall was open again this morning. Our poor Galleria mall -first a fire two months ago and then getting evacuated again last night because the food court couldn't support 5000 people!

Of course my favorite place to park is near Macy's which is currently secluded from the rest of the mall due to all the fire damage, so we had a challenge navigating from Macy's to Santa. And, I forgot the stroller at home so we had to stop in across the street at Babies R Us first to pick up an umbrella stroller! London was ready for one any way as she doesn't want to miss a thing and the new stroller allows her to watch everything. Plus, its light and small so we could navigate through stores easily too.

When we found Santa, there was a long line, but we waited. We waited an hour and a half, which included one mother who just had to get the perfect shot, taking her son's sweater on and off deciding what looked better and then having the photographer take several shots until her son would smile. Did I mention she did this, then came back after about 3 other people had gone through to take more! They should have made her stand in the long line again to appreciate what she was putting us through. London was definitely getting tired when we made it up there to see Santa, having had a bottle and a diaper change during the wait. But she pulled through and made every one smile and gave a big smile for the photographer. And Santa had a real beard. Cameron talked with him and found out that he'd been playing Santa for 8 years there, and that there were four guys who shared the job as Santa at the Galleria. All were required to have a real beard.

Until next time, with love,

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