Dec 9, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last year for Halloween, we threw a housewarming party to celebrate our new home and to announce that we were expecting. This year we decided we wanted to make our Halloween bash an annual event. Luckily, this year, I had much more energy, being that I wasn't pregnant and overcome with morning sickness, so the house actually decorated and I succeeded at my first attempt at following a pattern to make my own costume.

This year I was Strawberry Shortcake. Cameron would be Alan from The Hangover, and London would be Carlos/Tyler from the same movie. Our friends all got into the spirit as well and we partied into the night. This meant London, too. She went down at her normal time, but woke up an hour later ready for more fun. We gave in and she lasted another hour or so, before calling it a night. Here are some pics from that night:

Sorry for the delay in this update. I promise more updates this week and to be up to date by Christmas. Its been hard to update as London takes up much more of my time, and now with her crawling I really can't leave her unattended for any extended length of time. To solve this, I've moved the computer into the family room where we keep London corraled during her waking hours. Today's been the first day with this set up and I've already accomplished so much more. Check out London's album to the right to see all the latest pictures.

Until next time,

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