Dec 21, 2010

A Visit With Santa

Today we took London to see Santa for the first time. We'd been advised by a friend to find a Santa with a real beard. I assumed the one at the Westfield Galleria in Roseville would have one so Cameron, London, my parents and I headed out there this afternoon.

Thankfully, last night's the flash mob of carolers didn't do any real damage to the food court balcony and the mall was open again this morning. Our poor Galleria mall -first a fire two months ago and then getting evacuated again last night because the food court couldn't support 5000 people!

Of course my favorite place to park is near Macy's which is currently secluded from the rest of the mall due to all the fire damage, so we had a challenge navigating from Macy's to Santa. And, I forgot the stroller at home so we had to stop in across the street at Babies R Us first to pick up an umbrella stroller! London was ready for one any way as she doesn't want to miss a thing and the new stroller allows her to watch everything. Plus, its light and small so we could navigate through stores easily too.

When we found Santa, there was a long line, but we waited. We waited an hour and a half, which included one mother who just had to get the perfect shot, taking her son's sweater on and off deciding what looked better and then having the photographer take several shots until her son would smile. Did I mention she did this, then came back after about 3 other people had gone through to take more! They should have made her stand in the long line again to appreciate what she was putting us through. London was definitely getting tired when we made it up there to see Santa, having had a bottle and a diaper change during the wait. But she pulled through and made every one smile and gave a big smile for the photographer. And Santa had a real beard. Cameron talked with him and found out that he'd been playing Santa for 8 years there, and that there were four guys who shared the job as Santa at the Galleria. All were required to have a real beard.

Until next time, with love,

Dec 14, 2010

London's Stats

London's 6 months old which means she recently had a check up and some more immunizations. Here's the latest:

Height: 27 3/4" (100th percentile)
Head Circumference: 16 1/4" (15-20th percentile)
Weight: 15 lbs (30th percentile)

Basically, this kid needs to eat more! She stayed in the same percentile ranges for height and head circumference, but dropped 20 percent in the weight department. The doctor wasn't too concerned as he is aware of what a finicky eater London is, and of her hunger strikes. Now that she's 6 months old, she can start eating solid foods, so maybe her appetite will increase a little. The doctor also said once London starts eating good amounts of solid foods, she should sleep better at night. Here's hoping. Of course the shots part of the check up is never good. London doesn't like needles just like me. She got upset as soon as we started holding her down and screamed bloody murder during each shot. I can't blame her and I always want to cry right along with her. Cameron handles this part of the check ups much better, but he wasn't able to be at this one.

We started London off on rice cereal that very night. She didn't take well to it, and who can blame her, as it looks and smells tasteless. After the required 4-5 days to confirm she's not allergic, we tried her out on sweet potatoes. She's taken to this much better, but she is still more interested in her bottle. Tonight, we'll start her on another new food and keep going. Eventually, London should catch on and begin to eat more solids than the bottle.

Right now London is better at getting food all over her face, head, hands and arms, than in her mouth!

Dec 13, 2010

A Trip to the Christmas Tree farm

On December 1st, Cameron, London and I piled into the car and drove 15 minutes up to Davis Ranch off HWY 16. Besides being a provider of fresh produce, the farm has Christmas trees. For $35 you can drive out, pick and cut any tree of your choice. After going to Lowe's last year and paying $30 for a tree under 5 feet tall, $35 for any size seems very reasonable. With our tall ceilings we can get a 7-8 footer if we like. Plus, fresh cut trees last longer. We found the tree just driving in the car, though we did walk around a little just to confirm it was the right tree for us. Cameron made quick work chopping the tree down, and after a stop at the bagging station we took our tree home. It took a few days to get it decorated, but it sure is a beauty and is still sucking up water like a champ. Here are some pictures of our adventures and the final product:

Looking for a good tree

This is the one

Cameron chopping our tree down

We had the tree wrapped before we put it on top of the car

Getting the tree strapped to the top of the car nice and tight

All dressed up

Dec 11, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For the Thanksgiving holiday, London and I flew to Tucson to spend the week with my parents. Cameron would fly in Wednesday night. This was my first time flying with London that included a layover. The flight from Sac to Phoenix got in late so it was a mad dash to the next gate after we landed and finally got the car seat and stroller. Luckily, that flight was delayed too, so I had some time to relax once I got there. If you've ever been to the Phoenix airport for a layover, you may be familiar with how far you have to walk sometimes.

Mom and dad had a dinner party that night so Sunday we were all beat and vegged out. But Monday was girls day. The three of us went shopping. All that shopping made us hungry so we decided to try out a sushi restaurant. London doesn't like being in her car seat any more, so we decided to try her out in a high chair. She did fantastic and was dying to get her hands on the chopsticks and sushi!

Thanksgiving day was a busy one, like always. I got up early to make the pumpkin pies, which I love to do every year, getting them in the oven and cooked before the Turkey went in. While I baked, London and I also watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Of course, when Cameron got up and football started, she watched the games with her dad and Grandpa.

We had a lovely dinner with the family, my parents' friends Jim and Kathy and my parents new friends and neighbors, Bud and Barb. London even sat at the table with us, in her new high chair. We couldn't resist giving her a sampling of mashed potatoes, so with Grandpa's blessing we gave her a quarter-sized amount to taste and play with. London wasn't too sure about it, though she did love mashing it up even more in her hands.

That night Cameron and I attempted to participate in the pre-Black Friday sales at Toys R Us and Walmart. When we got to Toys R Us the line was around the entire building and then some! We didn't even try getting in line. At Walmart, the crowds got the better of us and we left 10 minutes before the sales were unveiled. Guess we're not the Black Friday-type.

The flight home was pretty eventful, as we ended up arriving home four hours late and landed in Phoenix twice. It all happened when we were 12 minutes from starting our decent into Sacramento, so we were somewhere over Reno and 30 minutes from touching down. That's when engine one's thruster stopped working, or something to that extent. While this would not be an issue for landing, the fear of the pilots' was that the plane wouldn't be able to take off again. Since the airline didn't have maintenance and parts in Sacramento, they decided to turn the plane around and take us back to Phoenix where they did. They had a plane waiting for us to get us back to Sacramento, but we would be stuck on the ground for about an hour while they transferred luggage and re-issued tickets to some of us. We needed a new ticket for London as they took and kept the "infant in arms" ticket the first time we boarded. At least we got home safe and sound, though tired.

We'd planned on doing a little more shopping when we got home that day, mainly try and score a nice deal on a new refrigerator. See, our current one was having issues. Mainly the seals weren't working any more so every time we opened the freezer we'd find icicles and frost. And it liked to freeze my fresh produce, making it useless.

All we had time for was a stop by Sears and Lowe's. No one at Sears wanted to help us and we noticed that while the the refrigerators were on sale, they were about $300more than they had been a couple weeks before. At Lowe's all the heavily marked down refrigerators were sold out, but they'd give us 10 percent off any other. We were able to pick one within our price range with the five minutes we had before closing. A week later we finally got rid of the old refrigerator. We now have one that won't kill my produce and the doors seal shut! Plus, we finally have filtered water and ice in the freezer door - I can finally take the Britta filter off our counter.

Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving:

Until next time, with love,

Dec 10, 2010

Another Trip to the Zoo

In November we took London to the zoo for a second time. Cameron hadn't been able to go with us last time, and London and I would soon be leaving for Tucson to spend Thanksgiving week with my parents. So instead of going hunting on Saturday, he took us to the Sacramento Zoo.

This time London likes the African Gray Parrot, the Koi fish and the chimpanzee. One chimpanzees liked London too. Cameron was holding her and the chimp started to move his head up and down. Cameron helped London copy and then the chimp would go side to side. Cameron, London and the chimp carried on this way for about 5 minutes. Every one around got a good laugh about it. Here are some pics from the day:

Until next time, with love,

Dec 9, 2010

Halloween 2010

Last year for Halloween, we threw a housewarming party to celebrate our new home and to announce that we were expecting. This year we decided we wanted to make our Halloween bash an annual event. Luckily, this year, I had much more energy, being that I wasn't pregnant and overcome with morning sickness, so the house actually decorated and I succeeded at my first attempt at following a pattern to make my own costume.

This year I was Strawberry Shortcake. Cameron would be Alan from The Hangover, and London would be Carlos/Tyler from the same movie. Our friends all got into the spirit as well and we partied into the night. This meant London, too. She went down at her normal time, but woke up an hour later ready for more fun. We gave in and she lasted another hour or so, before calling it a night. Here are some pics from that night:

Sorry for the delay in this update. I promise more updates this week and to be up to date by Christmas. Its been hard to update as London takes up much more of my time, and now with her crawling I really can't leave her unattended for any extended length of time. To solve this, I've moved the computer into the family room where we keep London corraled during her waking hours. Today's been the first day with this set up and I've already accomplished so much more. Check out London's album to the right to see all the latest pictures.

Until next time,