Oct 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday, October 10th, we headed to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch. It was fun to go with London this year since Cameron and I went last year, right after we found out I was pregnant. Alyssa Tarr went with us and we met up with Vicki, Joe and our friends the McGraths.

We arrived just after 10 AM. This was perfect timing as the patch opens at 9 and there was little traffic still. The McGraths would get stuck in the long line of cars that quickly formed after 10. While we waited for them, we took in the pig races, which we'd missed the year before. Our section's pig won the race in the first pig race. Not sure how our goat fared.

From there we met up with the McGraths and headed for the area where the giant pumpkins grow. After taking some family photos we took in the little shops, tasting everything in the Cider shop and purchasing some yummy Sunrise Jalepeno jam. It's great on cream cheese with crackers.

After walking around the farm zoo, we headed out to the patch to grab a pumpkin with Alyssa. We found a nice large one and grabbed another medium sized pumpkin before checking out. I have to say most of the pumpkins we looked at were huge and gorgeous.

This year we didn't have to buy me a white pumpkin as our vines produced 3 big, white pumpkins at home, with more to come. We only got one decent-sized traditional pumpkin from the other vines - stupid voles. We did get another small, oblong one that is turning orange - the voles ate the vine it was on before it was ready.

All in all, we had fun,although it wore London out.


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