Oct 16, 2010

London's 4 mos Stats

At the end of September, with her 4-month check up coming up in a couple of weeks, I started to track how many ounces London was eating each day in case Dr. Grant asked. Good thing I did, as London decided this was the time to go on a hunger strike. After 5 days of progressively less and less to eat each day, I called Dr. Grant with my concern. He had us come in that day. London got a clean bill of health and started eating like normal that very day. Since it was a week before her well visit, the nurse went ahead and measured her then.

London weighed in at 13 lbs even, keeping her in the 50th percentile.
Her head circumferenc was at 15.5 inches, placing her down into the 15th percentile.
And she was 26 inches long, moving her up into the 100th percentile.

She's going to be tall like her dad.

We went back in the next week for the well visit and London got two more shots. She definitley got my tolerance for pain, or lack there of, and does not like shots!


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