Oct 16, 2010

Fort Bragg/Mendocino & Emily's Wedding

On September 1st, we piled all of ourselves and our luggage into the Yukon and headed to Fort Bragg and Mendocino for a few days before heading to Windsor, CA for Emily Moffett's wedding. We barely fit everything in the car. Amazing how much more stuff you must bring for the smallest member of the family. Cameron had to work the day we left so he followed later that night.

London stretching out after the long car ride

This was what we had for dinner most nights there

So happy to have her dad with her

We spent the first day wandering around Mendocino after visiting the beach that morning. It was a gorgeous day and found that many flowers were in bloom.

The next day the fog was packed in, but that didn't stop us from visiting the botanical garden. Great sights plus the Dahlia garden was in bloom. There were so many beautiful examples of these flowers and some blooms were huge!

My dad looking out over the ocean at the gardens

My mom enjoying the view as well

From there we headed to glass beach where we took a picture in the same spot Cameron and I took a picture the year before for our Anniversary. The next month I'd become pregnant with London so we thought it only right to show the evolution of our family from the year before.

Saturday we headed to Windsor, for the wedding festivities. I was a bridesmaid so I spent most of the time with Emily and the rest of the girls, getting manicures and pedicures, being waited on by Bonnie and her fun friends for lunch and then going through the rehearsal - all fun. Dan and Emily had a fantastic group of friends for their wedding party so it made the time fly. They had a welcome dinner in place of a rehearsal dinner for all the wedding guests that came in that day. It was a great setting in the courtyard of a brewery.

The next day was the wedding. Dan and Emily picked these beautiful, private estate for the location. Out under an old oak tree they said their vows in a beautiful Jewish ceremony. My dad got to act as an official witness for the Jewish marriage license, called a Katubba, which was special to both my dad and Emily, as few of wedding guests qualified for the pleasure. Dinner was served under a small grove of lighted trees and was delicious. The party went well into the early ours of the next day, and mom and dad were kind enough to take London for the night so we could partake. The was London's first sleepover and somehow weaseled herself into sleeping on the bed with my parents versus sleeping in her play yard. What a silly girl.

Room service please!

We're so happy for Emily and Dan.

A pic of us at the wedding. Too much partying for London


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