Oct 16, 2010

Developmental Milestones

London is growing like a weed these days and it seems like every day she is learning something new.

Right before we went to Minnesota, London started rolling over from her back to her tummy on her left side. Days later was barrel rolling down the family room, as she learned to roll back to her back! Just the other day she learned to roll over to the right, but still prefers the left.

She is now grabbing at things and tasting them, when I let her. Of course, Tulley is always near and one day London grabbed her dog tags. That took Tulley by surprise, and rewarded London with some big kisses.

London has also grown out of her infant bathtub. We had to invest in a kneeling stool for me and a turtle-shaped foam pad for her. She loves splashing away in the big tub now. We'll need to invest in some bath toys soon, I'm sure.

She has also learned some new octaves with her voice. Some days I swear we have a pterodactyl in the house, as her screeches sound like something from another time.


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