Sep 29, 2010

Sacramento Zoo

At the end of August, we had two family friend weddings to attend. Since the weddings were a week apart, my parents decided to come for both and have a little vacation in between. My mom's birthday also happened to be during this week and we were looking for something to do to celebrate. Cameron had to work and my dad was enjoying a new book and relaxing, so it was just my mom, London and I. For some reason, the Zoo came to mind. We went online to confirm the Zoo was open, as it was a Monday. Turns out it was not only open, but it was a free admission day. Perfect, since we knew London wouldn't last too long. Off we headed, for London's first visit to the Zoo.

We stopped in at the gift shop first, in search of a sun hat for London. I'd already slathered her down with sunscreen, as well as myself, but I wanted a sun hat for her since she's still too little for sunglasses and I didn't want to put sunscreen all over her face and head. We quickly found a cute little hat and were headed off to see the animals. While my mom and I enjoyed the big cats, giraffes and zebras, London was entertained by all the people. She is quite the people watcher we discovered, and she loved walking around in the Baby Bjorn. She didn't like the reptile house, however. Cameron was at home working, but had made me promise to take her in there. I think she mainly didn't like it because she was getting tired and probably thought we were taking her in there to take a nap. Maybe next time, when he dad can go with her, she'll enjoy it more.

On the way back to the car, my mom told me a nice story. The day she turned 30 she had gone to the Milwaukee zoo, by herself. Thirty eight years later, she was happy to be going to the zoo with her daughter and granddaughter.