Aug 22, 2010

A Gassy Morning

The other morning London woke up early and in a fussy mood. Usually she wakes around 7:30 AM, drinks a bottle and then sleeps a few more hours. That day she woke up at 7 AM and wouldn't take a bottle. After a diaper change, she was still fussy. We knew something was bothering her, as London usually wakes in a very happy mood - its when we get the most smiles and coos out of her each day. I took her downstairs so Cameron wouldn't have to hear her cries and screams while I worked at figuring out what was wrong and so he could work.

While downstairs I noticed London was having some very strong toots. Gas - that was her problem. Poor little girl had a belly full of it. I was able to get her calmed down and almost back to sleep, thinking the gas had passed, so I headed back upstairs to put her back down in her crib. No such luck. She started screaming again when I put her down. That's when Cameron took a break and began rocking her and patting the gas out. I got the Mylicon drops from the medicine cabinet. Cameron's half brother Marcus's mother Anne had given us some at the baby shower as they had saved her many a time when Marcus was an infant. Within a half hour London was passed out in her daddy's arms holding the monkey she'd been given on her flight to Minnesota. London ended up sleeping until 11 AM that morning and we had a very pleasant day from there.


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