Jul 28, 2010

First Shots

Tomorrow London will be 7 weeks old. Today she got her very first shots. My she is growing fast. She is 23 inches long, putting her in the 80th percentile, 10.4 lbs, which is the 45-50th percentile and has a head circumference of 14 1/4th, placing her in the 30-35 percentile. So, while London started out looking like me, she is now taking on many characteristics of her daddy. Her height is in her legs - she still fits in 0-3 mos onsies, but not footed PJs. We've been on the look out for 3-6 mos PJs for about 2 weeks now and should have her covered now.

Things have been pretty crazy lately. Every weekend there seems to be something booked. For the 4th we headed up to Yuba City so London could meet her Great Grandma Betty, Great Aunt Jill and Great Uncle Merlyn. From there we headed to Cameron's sister Carrie's house, where London met even more family. She was a peach that day and even slept through the fireworks display put on by Cameron, Uncle Dave and cousin Robert in the front yard.

The next weekend we headed up to Chico to have dinner with Gene, Bonnie and Emily Moffett. We had a wonderful time catching up and having London meet such wonderful friends of ours. The weekend following brought my first night away from London to celebrate the last days of Emily's bachelorette days, as she's soon to be married. While I missed my sweeties, I also had a blast that night and met some great friends and future family members of Em's. Overall it was a great group of girls and we had a great night out cruising a limo throughout San Francisco. We even toasted Emily after driving over the Golden Gate.

This past weekend took the whole family up to Tahoe for Jeremy and Alyssa's wedding. Grammy Vicki and Poppy Joe were kind enough to go up as well to babysit London for us, which was a huge help and allowed Cameron and I to spend some quality time with friends and each other. Friday and Saturday were definitely taken over by the wedding festivities and we hardly got to see our little girl.

Luckily, things are calming down this weekend and going into August, which means I'll be working on cleaning the house and Cameron will be working in the yard. The next biggest milestone in London's life will be moving to her own bedroom! Cameron's goal this weekend is to get the ceiling fan up in there and my goal is to get it cleaned up (currently clothes that have been given to us or we have bought for future months are in piles throughout it). Once this is complete, she'll start sleeping in there. Cameron and I are looking forward to this, as we are tired of sleeping with a bathroom light on, and Cameron will be less disrupted sleeping when I get up with London. Not that she gets up much anymore. We've started putting her down somewhere between 8:30 and 10 PM every night and she's been sleeping until 4 or 5 am, and then 8-10 AM.

Our little girl is growing fast, that's for sure. Her favorite pastime is lying on her changing mat downstairs and exercising her arms and legs. If I did that every day as long as she does, I'd have the best abs around. One of these days I'll start working out again - mainly its finding the time and not feeling guilty that I'm not doing some household chore instead.