May 17, 2010

Swim Lessons

Since our neighborhood isn't fully developed yet, there is a lot of spare land with tall weeds that has been very useful when training Tulley for her future hunting adventures. When she uses it, she can find anything using her nose.

We also have what we call "The Pond" a few streets over from us, which is where the eventual Elementary school will go. For now, its been a great location to take Tulley for swim lessons. I didn't get to see her first lesson, but have been present for her second and third lessons. All I can say is each time she seems to get better. Her main reservation is when she first steps in the water and getting started when the water is murky and cloudy. As soon as she clears the first few feet she's off to get the retrieving dummy. Here's some pictures from one of her recent lessons.

Here Cameron is trying a double retrieve

The idea is that Tulley retrieves one, brings it back and then go gets the second

If you look closely you can see she got both the dummy duck and bright orange dummy all at once. Didn't think her mouth was big enough for that!


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