May 16, 2010

False Labor

Friday, May 7th was my 29th birthday. We really didn't have much planned. The intention was to BBQ and have chocolate fondue for dinner, but Vicki and Joe were in the neighborhood on Thursday, May 6th, so we moved the dinner up a night. Good thing we did too, as after what I experienced in the AM of my birthday, I was not up for anything Friday night.

I'd felt uncomfortable Thursday night, but attributed the feeling to eating so much and to the fact that really, when am I not uncomfortable these days? Lynde doesn't ask how I'm feeling anymore but asks for a rating on the miserable/uncomfortable scale instead. Mainly hanging around a 3 or 4 these days.

Any how, I got up a little earlier than normal Friday still feeling uncomfortable and proceeded to feel more uncomfortable as I did the dishes from the night before. By 10AM I started to experience extreme lower abdominal pain, a tightening, that I could only think was a contraction, and in essence, was. This one contraction basically lasted the next 2 1/2 hours. We couldn't establish any sort of pattern as I was always in pain, it just had some valleys and peaks. We called the doctors office, but with neither doc in for the day, we decided to wait things out versus risk another $1000 hospital bill for possible false labor. We were suspecting false labor because of the lack of pattern, and because we were told in class most labor starts out as back pain. I did have the true labor symptoms of nausea, but any one would get sick to their stomach from such intense, constant pain.

Finally we went for a walk. Two of our neighbors, who are nurses, were sure I was in true labor by the way I was reacting. It was pretty warm outside and Matt had the day off so we stopped in to cool off during our walk. There I laid on my side on the floor. Guess what, the pain stopped. I'd tried every possible position at home to stop this as we were told false labor should stop in a change of activity or position - I'd even tried laying down on the bed and couch. Guess the floor had the magic touch.

From there the contractions slowed and eventually stopped, but not before leaving my spent and sore. Changing positions or activities the rest of the day meant having a small contraction each time - just standing up from a sitting position meant a contraction. I spent the afternoon sleeping. The next day I wasn't as sore and the contractions were gone.

All I can say is I am proud that the only place I was sore was in my lower abdomen - which means I didn't tense up the rest of my body in response. The breathing we learned in class helped. Tensing up during true labor can slow labor so to get through intense false labor correctly must mean I should do ok during true labor, right?

Only time will tell I guess. Cameron was great through the whole ordeal, offering up ideas to try and relieve the pain some for me and mainly was just a good support for me while I was going through the false labor. The whole ordeal did get us to finish packing the labor, hospital and diaper bags for when the big day does arrive.

Speaking of which, we're both ready for London to arrive. As of Friday, May 14th, she is considered full term which means she should thrive outside the womb and means she can come any time she likes. We're hoping she decides to come soon.


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