May 21, 2010

Dirty Thirty

May is a busy birthday month for us between friends, family and our own birthdays. This last Saturday was our friend Lynde's birthday and not only her birthday, but her 30th birthday. It's been a runnning joke that since Cameron turned 30 that he's old, as in 80 years old. So of course Lynde has been dreading joining the Dirty Thirty club with him this year. Our present to Lynde, and early birthday present to Matt (he's 30 on June 9) we took them for an hour-long foot massage after having belgian waffles with fresh berries for breakfast. But we couldn't let the day go by without giving Lynde a little grief, so borrowing a page from my mom's Over The Hill gag gifts ideas, I spent Friday creating this master piece:

Yes, that's a bed pan serving as the flower pot. Surrounding the base of the giant gerber daisies (debated on getting all black, but wanted some color) are individually wrapped prunes. Also included was a deck of Old Maid playing cards, an Oh No, the Big 3-0 pin, and a 30 sucks sucker. And of course, I bedazzled the crap out of the bed pan. I know its coming to me next year when I turn 30.


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