Apr 21, 2010

Pediatrician Found and other random updates...

We have successfully selected a pediatrician for London. As you can imagine, I have high expectations in London's pediatrician, their office and office staff since I grew up in my dad's office. Hell, we're still friends with his physician's assistant Darlene - she even came to London's baby shower.

While we liked the first pediatrician we met with, I was turned off by the office staff and the office itself. The staff was nice in that they said hello, but that was about all and when I went to check-in, they acted a little surprised that I was there. The office itself didn't feel like a children's office at all with little decor. In the exam room where we met with the Doc, the paint was chipping off the chair rail where the chair backs hit it, the room had one framed poster of artsy flowers and the base of the exam table was dusty. It wasn't a place I would look forward to visiting and when we did have to go in I wouldn't want to be there long. Not exactly a great way to introduce London to doctors. My hope was that doc number 2would be a little better.

And boy was he. I'd already had a good feeling as when I called to schedule the consultation, I had a lovely chat with his nurse who gave me a good rundown of the practice over the phone. When I walked in, the walls were decorated with disney posters and brighht pieces of art, that I woudl later learn were by Dr. Grant's daughter. Jeanette, Dr. Grant's insurance biller, gave me the grand tour, showing me the infant-only exam rooms and the large exam room for when you come in with multiple kids. There was also about 3 different areas you could wait before being shown to the exam rooms to allow for privacy. Dr. Grant himself was a very nice man, who wants to help you make the best choices for your children, yet understands each family is different and may not take his advice. Here was the best part. With all the reading I've done I've realized Cameron and I both need DTaP boosters, which covers whooping cough and tetnus. When I asked Dr. Grant for a General Practice Physician recommendation and explained why, he said he could give us the boosters himself when we first come in with London. So while we do need to get set up with a primary care physician eventually, we don't need to rush when we can protect ourselves and London via Dr. Grant.

In other news, the side yard is in progress. Unfortunately intermintent rain has caused some delays. We have had more cement laid and the new fence is up, just not the gate. Melody and Tulley have been pretty curious about that side of the yard. Little do they know it will soon be their own little yard.

Two Sundays ago we headed down to Modesto to a BBQ. My cousin Brenda was visiting her friends Laurie and T, who threw a BBQ in her honor and were kind enough to invite us so I could spend some time with her. And what a day to have a BBQ - Saturday had been gorgeous. Sunday was unforunately the start of more rain.

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