Apr 29, 2010

Officially Ringless

Pregnancy has left me ringless. First, it was my naval ring. As soon as we learned I was pregnant, I chose to take the naval ring out as I knew as I grew it would become uncomfortable.

Next was my wedding band. It's tighter on my finger than my engagement ring, and the first warm day in March it got uncomfortable, so with the help of water I took it off.

My Engagement ring lasted into early April, but with the carpal tunnel causing swelling as well as the warm weather again, it began to get uncomfortable and as much as I love my engagement ring, I didn't want to risk having to have it cut off. With the help of lotion it came off.

Well, last night my toe rings became uncomfortable. They no longer moved up and down on my toe - only turned. With our plans this weekend, I didn't want to risk my feet swelling so much that my toe might lose circulation. But we didn't have the right wire cutters. Cameron ran out to Home Depot during his lunch break and came home and cut the last of my rings.

One of the rings actually broke in a second place after Cameron snipped it. Guess it was just time.

Now it will take my toe a few days to adjust to the room. And yes, I am in dire need of a pedicure!

How sad. I can't wait to be able to get my rings back on, but I'll have to buy a new toe ring to be complete again.


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