Apr 28, 2010

Giants Game

Back to our busy last weekend. Sunday we spent in beautiful San Francisco watching the Giants play St. Louis. We were supposed to go with Vicki and Joe, but unfortunately Joe came down with an illness and they had to back out. Luckily, our friends Jeremy and Alyssa were available for the day.

We had a great drive up, full of energy and good conversation. Plus, Vicki had gotten us great tickets - we were in the first row of one of the Arcade sections. Too bad there was only one home run during the game, hit by a Cardinal and it wasn't anywhere near us. We did have a few Giants hit the ball deep toward us, but the darn Cardinals kept catching them. All in all, the Giants couldn't get on base until they had two outs in the inning and then could never score that day, so they lost.

The day at the ballpark and in the sun was a little much for me, sitting in the heat. The latest pregnancy symptom I am suffering from as it gets warmer is swelling of the feet, ankles and hands. Some of the hands swelling is due to carpal tunnel. But I've discovered on warm days the swelling is worse. I spent the 4th inning walking around in the shade and searching for water. Unfortunately the water I did find wasn't cold as I would have liked. I think I'll be skipping anymore Baseball games for now, not that we've got any plans to go anywhere in May.

The car ride home was much more quiet as we were all drained by all the time we'd spent in the sun. I spent the rest of the evening with my feet elevated to bring down the swelling, and am happy to report they were back to normal Monday morning.


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