Apr 7, 2010


We were doing so well. Tulley was doing pretty good as a puppy. She's teething and thus had used the corners of our baseboards in our bathroom as a teething toy when locked up in there when we were away. But we thought we had stopped her from such destructive behavior by giving her more freedom. She had started sleeping in the bedroom with the rest of us (and I mean all of us - Melody on the floor, Jake and Kelsey in bed with Cameron and me)rather than secluded in the bathroom. And when we both needed to be away from home we'd leave her in our bedroom, with or without Melody. Turns out Melody was a key factor.

Evidence of the Baseboard eating. This was the worst of it.

Monday night we had our prenatal class again. When we left, we locked Tulley behind the baby gate in our room, and let Melody have full run of the rest of the house so she could eat her dinner at her own pace. When we came home, I went up to get Tulley so she could have her dinner. That's when I discovered a nice little 2"x3" rectangular spot on the floor void of any carpet! That was the last straw. Last night Cameron and I went out and purchased a large dog crate for Tulley to spend her time in when we're not home.

The missing carpet patch.

Tulley's new home when we're gone.

We're also getting a quote to have more of our side yard cemented and to have it completely fenced in. This way we can leave Tulley in the backyard unattended and not worry about her digging or eating bark. Plus, we figure with London on the way, we'll make this the new potty zone so when she's playing in the main backyard, she won't run into any poop. We also plan to build a shed in the side area to store our garden equipment and chemicals, so we'll be able to lock the gate to the side yard so London won't be able to get to the shed and chemicals.

Cameron went online and read about how to fix the carpet too. We have a ton of carpet left over from the same dye-lot so he'll be able to do a patch job pretty easily and have it so it is barely noticeable. Guess what his weekend project is?

The prenatal classes are going good. This week's class focused on the different stages of labor, how to tell when I'm in labor or having false labor, and had a few breathing exercises for us. We could have done without the video that showed the birth of the placenta - I don't think one couple in the room wasn't a bit turned off by it and none of us want to see our own when the time comes.

We also start our 3 weeks of two classes per week this week. Tonight we have Baby Care Basics. Next week we have the breastfeeding class and the week after that Anesthesia options.

I've also started the Pediatrician-finding process. I've got a prenatal consultation with one doctor this Friday and another next Thursday. I was aiming for 3 but the 3rd doctor I called doesn't do prenatal consultations, which scratched him from the list real quick. I had a 4th in mind but after the phone calls today scheduling these appointments, I already have a good feeling about Doctor candidate number 2. Stay tuned to see if my instinct is correct.

I leave you with a picture of Tulley and another of Melody, lounging around the house yesterday. The last one is a picture my mom took of Tulley and Me when she and Dad came to visit. I amost look as if I'm not pregnant! To be honest I can't wait for London to be here and have my body back to myself! Tulley has since outgrown her original green color and is now wearing one of Melody's old ones.


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