Apr 29, 2010

Officially Ringless

Pregnancy has left me ringless. First, it was my naval ring. As soon as we learned I was pregnant, I chose to take the naval ring out as I knew as I grew it would become uncomfortable.

Next was my wedding band. It's tighter on my finger than my engagement ring, and the first warm day in March it got uncomfortable, so with the help of water I took it off.

My Engagement ring lasted into early April, but with the carpal tunnel causing swelling as well as the warm weather again, it began to get uncomfortable and as much as I love my engagement ring, I didn't want to risk having to have it cut off. With the help of lotion it came off.

Well, last night my toe rings became uncomfortable. They no longer moved up and down on my toe - only turned. With our plans this weekend, I didn't want to risk my feet swelling so much that my toe might lose circulation. But we didn't have the right wire cutters. Cameron ran out to Home Depot during his lunch break and came home and cut the last of my rings.

One of the rings actually broke in a second place after Cameron snipped it. Guess it was just time.

Now it will take my toe a few days to adjust to the room. And yes, I am in dire need of a pedicure!

How sad. I can't wait to be able to get my rings back on, but I'll have to buy a new toe ring to be complete again.


Apr 28, 2010

Giants Game

Back to our busy last weekend. Sunday we spent in beautiful San Francisco watching the Giants play St. Louis. We were supposed to go with Vicki and Joe, but unfortunately Joe came down with an illness and they had to back out. Luckily, our friends Jeremy and Alyssa were available for the day.

We had a great drive up, full of energy and good conversation. Plus, Vicki had gotten us great tickets - we were in the first row of one of the Arcade sections. Too bad there was only one home run during the game, hit by a Cardinal and it wasn't anywhere near us. We did have a few Giants hit the ball deep toward us, but the darn Cardinals kept catching them. All in all, the Giants couldn't get on base until they had two outs in the inning and then could never score that day, so they lost.

The day at the ballpark and in the sun was a little much for me, sitting in the heat. The latest pregnancy symptom I am suffering from as it gets warmer is swelling of the feet, ankles and hands. Some of the hands swelling is due to carpal tunnel. But I've discovered on warm days the swelling is worse. I spent the 4th inning walking around in the shade and searching for water. Unfortunately the water I did find wasn't cold as I would have liked. I think I'll be skipping anymore Baseball games for now, not that we've got any plans to go anywhere in May.

The car ride home was much more quiet as we were all drained by all the time we'd spent in the sun. I spent the rest of the evening with my feet elevated to bring down the swelling, and am happy to report they were back to normal Monday morning.


Apr 27, 2010

Backyard Update

This last weekend ended up being quite the busy weekend for us. Friday evening, Cameron and I got the urge to put some more effort into our backyard, now that the side yard construction is complete.

Before Pics

We're actually surprised we hadn't thought of doing the side yard before, as it really adds another dimension to the backyard, and another area for us to truly design versus having it be a transition space from one part to another.

After Pics

Friday we mainly window shopped and compared prices at Lowe's and Home Depot. We did purchase two large Terra cotta pots and two Terra cotta colored plastic rectangular planter boxes. Back at home we did some more research on Tuscan and Mediterranean gardens. I loved this quote from the web site " Landscape Design Advisor":

"Traditional Tuscan gardens were designed to be just as practical as they were beautiful, providing an assortment of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables that filled the air with a sweet aroma and were used n the kitchen to prepare the rich Tuscan cuisine."

With this quote in mind, we made a few purchases Saturday - in the citrus tree department we selected a dwarf naval orange, a dwarf meyer lemon, a dwarf grapefruit tree and a dwarf lime tree. In the veggie & fruit department we selected two tomato plants, red bell pepper plants, green bell pepper plants, jalapeno pepper plants and Anaheim pepper plants. Unfortunately, all Cameron had time to do that afternoon was plant the tomatoes and peppers. The tomatoes went in the large Terra cotta pots while all the peppers were separated into the rectangular planter boxes. We did place the citrus trees in the locations we plan to plant them, but that will have to wait for another weekend, which will be soon.

Grapefruit and Naval Orange Trees

Lemon and Lime Trees

Pot placement

After this coming weekend, Cameron and I both feel it is best to stay near home and the hospital since London could arrive soon. More on the rest of our weekend tomorrow.


Apr 21, 2010

Pediatrician Found and other random updates...

We have successfully selected a pediatrician for London. As you can imagine, I have high expectations in London's pediatrician, their office and office staff since I grew up in my dad's office. Hell, we're still friends with his physician's assistant Darlene - she even came to London's baby shower.

While we liked the first pediatrician we met with, I was turned off by the office staff and the office itself. The staff was nice in that they said hello, but that was about all and when I went to check-in, they acted a little surprised that I was there. The office itself didn't feel like a children's office at all with little decor. In the exam room where we met with the Doc, the paint was chipping off the chair rail where the chair backs hit it, the room had one framed poster of artsy flowers and the base of the exam table was dusty. It wasn't a place I would look forward to visiting and when we did have to go in I wouldn't want to be there long. Not exactly a great way to introduce London to doctors. My hope was that doc number 2would be a little better.

And boy was he. I'd already had a good feeling as when I called to schedule the consultation, I had a lovely chat with his nurse who gave me a good rundown of the practice over the phone. When I walked in, the walls were decorated with disney posters and brighht pieces of art, that I woudl later learn were by Dr. Grant's daughter. Jeanette, Dr. Grant's insurance biller, gave me the grand tour, showing me the infant-only exam rooms and the large exam room for when you come in with multiple kids. There was also about 3 different areas you could wait before being shown to the exam rooms to allow for privacy. Dr. Grant himself was a very nice man, who wants to help you make the best choices for your children, yet understands each family is different and may not take his advice. Here was the best part. With all the reading I've done I've realized Cameron and I both need DTaP boosters, which covers whooping cough and tetnus. When I asked Dr. Grant for a General Practice Physician recommendation and explained why, he said he could give us the boosters himself when we first come in with London. So while we do need to get set up with a primary care physician eventually, we don't need to rush when we can protect ourselves and London via Dr. Grant.

In other news, the side yard is in progress. Unfortunately intermintent rain has caused some delays. We have had more cement laid and the new fence is up, just not the gate. Melody and Tulley have been pretty curious about that side of the yard. Little do they know it will soon be their own little yard.

Two Sundays ago we headed down to Modesto to a BBQ. My cousin Brenda was visiting her friends Laurie and T, who threw a BBQ in her honor and were kind enough to invite us so I could spend some time with her. And what a day to have a BBQ - Saturday had been gorgeous. Sunday was unforunately the start of more rain.

Apr 7, 2010


We were doing so well. Tulley was doing pretty good as a puppy. She's teething and thus had used the corners of our baseboards in our bathroom as a teething toy when locked up in there when we were away. But we thought we had stopped her from such destructive behavior by giving her more freedom. She had started sleeping in the bedroom with the rest of us (and I mean all of us - Melody on the floor, Jake and Kelsey in bed with Cameron and me)rather than secluded in the bathroom. And when we both needed to be away from home we'd leave her in our bedroom, with or without Melody. Turns out Melody was a key factor.

Evidence of the Baseboard eating. This was the worst of it.

Monday night we had our prenatal class again. When we left, we locked Tulley behind the baby gate in our room, and let Melody have full run of the rest of the house so she could eat her dinner at her own pace. When we came home, I went up to get Tulley so she could have her dinner. That's when I discovered a nice little 2"x3" rectangular spot on the floor void of any carpet! That was the last straw. Last night Cameron and I went out and purchased a large dog crate for Tulley to spend her time in when we're not home.

The missing carpet patch.

Tulley's new home when we're gone.

We're also getting a quote to have more of our side yard cemented and to have it completely fenced in. This way we can leave Tulley in the backyard unattended and not worry about her digging or eating bark. Plus, we figure with London on the way, we'll make this the new potty zone so when she's playing in the main backyard, she won't run into any poop. We also plan to build a shed in the side area to store our garden equipment and chemicals, so we'll be able to lock the gate to the side yard so London won't be able to get to the shed and chemicals.

Cameron went online and read about how to fix the carpet too. We have a ton of carpet left over from the same dye-lot so he'll be able to do a patch job pretty easily and have it so it is barely noticeable. Guess what his weekend project is?

The prenatal classes are going good. This week's class focused on the different stages of labor, how to tell when I'm in labor or having false labor, and had a few breathing exercises for us. We could have done without the video that showed the birth of the placenta - I don't think one couple in the room wasn't a bit turned off by it and none of us want to see our own when the time comes.

We also start our 3 weeks of two classes per week this week. Tonight we have Baby Care Basics. Next week we have the breastfeeding class and the week after that Anesthesia options.

I've also started the Pediatrician-finding process. I've got a prenatal consultation with one doctor this Friday and another next Thursday. I was aiming for 3 but the 3rd doctor I called doesn't do prenatal consultations, which scratched him from the list real quick. I had a 4th in mind but after the phone calls today scheduling these appointments, I already have a good feeling about Doctor candidate number 2. Stay tuned to see if my instinct is correct.

I leave you with a picture of Tulley and another of Melody, lounging around the house yesterday. The last one is a picture my mom took of Tulley and Me when she and Dad came to visit. I amost look as if I'm not pregnant! To be honest I can't wait for London to be here and have my body back to myself! Tulley has since outgrown her original green color and is now wearing one of Melody's old ones.