Mar 10, 2010

Lost Teeth and Interview Updates

Tulley is growing up so fast! She's already bounding up the stairs two at a time and has no problem going down them. Tomorrow she goes in for her last round of normal vaccinations and as we discovered this week, she is in teething mode full force. She's even lost two and already has one of those spaces filled with an adult tooth!

In other news, I had my third and final interview with the company I have been interviewing with. I definitely did my best and only time will tell if it was enough or if I'm the one they want. I'm one of four final candidates. I do have to say the interview with the Director was one of the most challenging and intimidating interviews I've ever been in. He would definitely be one to push me to my best on each and ever project.

Not too much more going on. The baby shower for London is in 10 days so I'm working on cleaning the house. I can only do so much physical work each day that I focus on a room or two a day. London's room is coming along nicely. Cameron got the last of the painting done, and now two shelves are waiting for me to put them up and decorate them. I also need to hem the two window valences together, which I'll do this weekend probably. As soon as its all done I'll get the final pictures up.


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