Mar 16, 2010

Charlie Horses

New development in pregnancy land...I'm getting charlie horses in my calves! Not that these aren't annoying enough, but they come in the dead of night. I'd woken up to a really bad one a few weeks ago and my calf was sore for 4 days. That night Cameron and I went to Costco to grab a bunch of bananas. I'd eat one or two in the morning and one before I went to bed. No charlie horses. The bananas ran out late last week, but the charlie horses didn't come back immediately. Well, Sunday night I woke up to a mild one.

Yesterday morning, when I got up, Cameron asked how I slept, noting before I answered that I looked like I didn't sleep all that well. I admitted to the charlie horse and how I was then afraid to stretch or move at all the rest of the night. Cameron proceeded to get upset with me for not waking him up to have him massage the charlie horse out. My reasoning for not waking him up is that he has a job that he has to get up for and therefore needs his rest. If I have a bad night, most mornings I can sleep in to try and catch up. This didn't matter to Cameron. So sweet. And he got his wish.

Last night I got yet another charlie horse, this time in the opposite calf than Sunday night's. At first I tried not to wake him but it got worse and I started whining and then got out of bed hopping and hobbling around. Cameron quickly instructed me to get back into bed and give him my leg where he massaged the cramp out. Unfortunately, my calf is sore today and if its anything like the last bad one, it will be for a few. At least I have a husband that wants to do all he can throughout this pregnancy. He says its cause he won't be getting up every two hours once London arrives to feed her. I think he just gets enjoyment out of my little dances from the pain, as he was quite amused this morning thinking about last night.

Speaking of London, her room is very nearly done. The shelves were put up on Sunday and all I need to do is hem the windows valences together. Still working on the house first but made more progress than I thought I had yesterday. After a busy weekend with our niece Lillie's first birthday party on Saturday, a PartyLite party at my friend Alyssa's on Sunday, and the charlie horse Sunday night, I was pretty slow moving and unmotivated yesterday and didn't accomplish all I set out to do. Still when I sat down last night to relax and think about all I need to do today, it didn't seem all that bad. We'll see how far I get today.


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