Feb 17, 2010


Today we had our 24-week/6-month prenatal visit with the doctor. I was a little surprised to learn I'd gained 11 lbs since my last visit which brings my total pregnancy weight gain up to 20 lbs. With a good 3 months to go, I don't think I'm going to reach my goal of only gaining the required 25 lbs and I need to be careful if I want to stay within the 35 lb limit. Its recommended that the average woman gain between 25 - 35 lbs for a single baby pregnancy. Looking back on the last month and my eating habits, I should have seen it coming. My appetite definitely increased in the last month, but so did my sweet tooth. The doctor recommends I stick to a protein-rich diet from now on, and avoid simple sugars.

Goodbye to my Jalapeno poppers, chocolate chip cookies, mini Reese's peanut butter cups, Eggo waffles with syrup and English muffins with strawberry jam. Time for more fresh veggies and fruits, along with chicken versus white carbohydrates. And probably time for more walks. I've been walking Melody a good half hour about 2-3 times a week, but I'm thinking this needs to be daily and possibly twice a day - the doc recommended walking after lunch and dinner. Luckily we've been having gorgeous weather that a couple walks a day won't be a freezing ordeal.

As for my back pain, she suggested prenatal massage or wearing a pregnancy brace. Its similar to a heavy lifting back brace but specially designed for pregnant bellies. I think we'll have to give that a try before looking into prenatal massage.

In other pregnancy news, I'm glad the weather is looking up because its getting really hard to tie my shoes, which means I'm opting for flip flops most of the time. Last night when we were getting ready to go to our first neighborhood watch meeting I leaned over to put on my shoes and found myself very uncomfortable. I ditched the attempt and found my flip flops quickly.

The meeting was very informative. We learned that most burglaries happen within 1.7 miles of the robber's home, which basically means its someone who lives in the neighborhood, or its someone who knows someone in the neighborhood. Its also usually hoodlums, as most burglaries take place between 3 and 4 pm weekdays. The meeting also provided us with tips on how better to secure our homes and cars to prevent a burglary as best we can. Biggest thing recommended to us was get to know our neighbors and report anything suspicious. We've already gotten to know quite a few of our neighbors and hopefully we'll get to know even more on our street with the neighborhood watch program in place. The police officers recommended that each street get to know each other through get togethers and block parties, which we had just been talking about with a few of our neighbors the other day now that the weather seems to be turning. All in all, it was a good way to spend 2 hours of our evening last night.

Last, but not least, the last of London's nursery furniture arrived yesterday. Lynde and Matt are coming over tonight to help Cameron with the last of the painting. If they can get 3 good nights of painting in over the next week or two, we'll be in good shape in having the nursery ready for the baby shower. Unfortunately, its going to take 3 good coats of purple paint on the trim to make it look right, as the trim is already glossy and we're painting over it with more glossy paint. Can't wait until we can put the furniture together and arrange the room. At least the boxes are no longer in our front entrance!

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