Feb 12, 2010

A Trip To The Vet

The pantry is done and my kitchen is clean once again.

This week's big adventure out for me was taking Melody and Tulley in to see our new vet. We thought we would stay with our vet in Elk Grove, but with London on the way and Tulley being a puppy and needing more trips to the vet in the first year, we felt it was best to find one closer to our new home. Luckily, the VCA Emergency Clinic we took Kelsey to last May when she decided to eat my hair bands is in Rancho and they offer well visit check-ups.

The visit was supposed to be Monday, but for some reason I wrote down that the appointment was Tuesday on one of my 3 calendars and proceeded to trust only that calendar until Monday, long after the appointment had come and gone, when I looked at another and saw it was for that day. Luckily, they were very understanding and were able to get me in on Thursday.

So yesterday, Cameron and I loaded Melody and Tulley into the car and headed for the vet. Little miss Tulley isn't as enthusiastic about car rides as Mel is, at least not yet. She sat on my lap and whimpered most of the way there and the way back. She was, however, thrilled to be at the vet and wanted nothing more then go see all the other dogs in the waiting room. Unfortunately, she had to be contained to one of our laps since she doesn't have all her shots and obviously, it being a vet, sick dogs do come in and spread their germs. Melody was also quite excited at the vet, wimpering and whining in the waiting room, but was ready to leave as soon as we went in to the exam room.

Tulley got a great review from the vet, saying her elbows and hips are nice and tight. He said she should be a great hunting dog. She goes back in in 4 weeks for her final normal round of shots and then a week later for shots only hunting dogs need since they are exposed to more out in the fields and water.

Melody is doing pretty good. She's exhibiting some signs of old age, which is expected since she'll be 9 this year. Mainly she has cloudy eyes and lower back pain. Explains why she prefers to lay down versus sit. For now, we just need to watch her and if she seems to be in real pain, then we will start her on an anti-inflammatory regime. The cloudy eyes part is not cataracts either, which is good. Some dots we've noticed in the color part of her eye are cysts, but don't cause any pain or bother her so they're nothing to worry about.

All in all, I love the new vet. He's good at explaining everything and doesn't want to take the drastic course of action to fix a problem.

This weekend we're headed up to Chico. I've got a hair appointment and Cameron needs to help Dave break down the blind from hunting season. We may bring Tulley with us so Dave can see her and so we can introduce her to his dog Suzy. While Dave and Cameron break down the blind, I'll be babysitter to his two boys, Nathan and Nick, as his wife Jen is getting in another great day of skiing before the end of the season. Nathan is 3 I think and Nick is just around 1. Should be some good practice.

Of course, Sunday is Valentine's day. We've never been big on celebrating the day, but Cameron has said he's going to take me to a nursery to pick out some rose bushes for our yard. Yippee!


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