Feb 15, 2010

A Little Yard Work

This weekend ended up being more relaxing than expected. Friday, Cameron and I headed to home depot, where I picked out two Mr. Lincoln rose bushes to be planted below the two windows at the front of our house, so I can see the roses when in bloom from my desk.

Saturday I got up and headed to Chico as planned for my hair appointment, but I went without Cameron or Tulley. We decided my handling a 1 and 3 year old I don't know very well along with a puppy for 3 hours was probably going to be too much for me, especially now that London is gaining real weight that I can feel and I end most days on the couch with my middle back hurting. Luckily only 3 1/2 more months and London will be here in my arms, not my belly! It's amazing to be carrying a human life and all, and I love feeling her kick all the time, but I'm definitely not one of those ladies who loves to be pregnant and therefore has child after child. Any who, I headed back home directly after my appointment. I arrived just as Cameron began mowing the back lawn. We hadn't mowed in quite a while because its been so wet. And while it still was really too wet to be mowed, Cameron did so any how. I spent the time going around with the pooper scooper picking up after Melody and Tulley and then picked up all the cut wet grass that didn't make it into the mower bag. Tulley had a grand old time running around in the fresh cut grass after Cameron. The above pictures are the result of her running around. Guess she thought the next day was St. Patty's Day, not Valentine's Day. She got carried upstairs to the shower after this little adventure.

Valentine's Day, Cameron went to work planting my roses and removing some bushes we didn't want in the front yard. Then his cousin Whitney came for a little visit, as we haven't seen her in ages and she just moved back to Yuba City after finishing school at UC Santa Barbara. We had a nice little visit over lunch. After that, we really just vegged out the rest of the day. We've never been too big on Valentine's Day any how, so it was spent exactly the way we wanted to spend it.

On the calendar this week is a neighborhood watch meeting. There's been a few break-ins so we're also having ADT come to install an alarm system. Then there's our 24 week/6-month prenatal visit. Just one more monthly visit (28 weeks) after this one and we'll be in the 3rd trimester so checkups will be increased to every two weeks.


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