Jan 15, 2010

The Tulley Files

Day 1: We arrive at the breeder's house around 6 PM. As we open the doors of the car we can hear the blood curdling yelps of a puppy, but no puppy is in sight. There are however two cats circling the large dog crate. Our little Tulley is the one yelping inside. This would be an indication of how the car ride home would progress. These yelps would also wake us up every 2-3 hours throughout the night when our new little bundle of fur needed to go outside and potty.

Day 2: The morning starts at 6 AM for Sarah - Tulley has gotten up and its her turn, but she also needs to get up and drink 32 oz of water for her 8 AM 20-week ultrasound. Tulley quickly falls asleep on Sarah's foot in front of the fire. The ultrasound went well, once again confirming we're having a little girl. We'll get the rest of the results when we see the doctor Tuesday. We head back to bed soon after arriving home from the appointment for a nap for as long as Tulley will allow. By now, the rest of the kids have all adjusted as best they can to the new addition. Melody runs away from Tulley when she needs to, walks the edges of the room to get to the couch - high ground. Kelsey's curious - she stands her ground or stays just out of reach of Tulley's nose. As long as she has her spot on the bed and couches, and all is well. Jake's taking Tulley's arrival the harshest. The first night he doesn't sleep with us. He finally rejoins us on the bed during today's nap, growling and hissing whenever he sees her. By the evening we're all tired, with Tulley taking turns which lap she sleeps in. Cameron's also already at work with her when she is awake on sitting and coming. Problem is she is a sitter naturally when wanting attention from us. Tulley also takes her first shower. Sarah decided to take a shower while on Tulley duty so Cameron can get some work done. The little siren doesn't stop until Sarah is holding Tulley in her arms in the shower. She doesn't seem to mind being wet, but may not be thrilled with the pelting water when on the floor. She quickly falls asleep in her towel on the bathroom floor.

Day 3: Friday. Tulley spends the morning and early afternoon with Sarah while both of us work. During one of her calls Tulley tries to unplug the phone, but luckily does not succeed. After work is complete, we take both dogs to the fields where construction has yet to commence. Tulley has a blast running after Melody and then running back to us. She also blindly leaps off a two foot drop to get to Cameron down below. She's cushioned by the long grass. She keeps running up and jumping down the little hill with us calling her back and forth. By the time we return home, its shower time again for this little dirty girl. This time the shower gets her hyped up some afterward. She still wanted to be in Sarah's arms and didn't like the water hitting her in the face.

Day 4: Saturday! Tulley was up every few hours again - Sarah slept through the first two wakings she was so tired. Cameron was a good husband and took Tulley out both times. We're all pretty wiped when we do get up. Sarah ends up napping before noon! We walk over to Matt & Lynde's with the two girls - Tulley had a great time running around the house with Cody following her around like a game of chase. When we get home Tulley quickly passes out on the kitchen floor. Soon she and Cameron are both passed out on the living room floor. A little while later, she heads back into the shower with Sarah, mainly because her paws have what Sarah suspects is poop. This time she starts biting the water. We think she's beginning to enjoy it more.

All in all, we love having this new little pup in our lives and are glad each of our other kids seem to be adjusting quickly. Jake's still a little upset, but more curious now, and while he may growl he has yet to swipe at her when he's had the chance.


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