Jan 21, 2010

A Good Nights Sleep!

Since bringing Tulley home a week ago, every night has involved one of us getting up every two to three hours to let Tulley out to go potty. It's definitely been draining us of normal energy, caused us to take more naps than usual, and caused each of us to go into such a deep sleep some nights that we sleep through our turns to get up with her. One of these times, Cameron said I was snoring and couldn't bear to wake me. Yup, I snore. Its mainly a side affect of the pregnancy when I don't have my head up a little. But so does Tulley - she's actually a pretty loud snorer when she gets started.

But last night Tulley slept from 11 PM through 6 AM - 7 hours! I woke up a little earlier to Melody smacking her lips and getting up to go drink from the toilet. I thought for sure, Tulley would wake. Nope. Then I heard and felt the cats running around some, then eating. Still no Tulley rising. At this point I started to worry that something was wrong with her or that I had slept through every other waking that night. When she did get up at 6 AM, I got up with her, relieved to know she was fine. When I came back to bed, Cameron stirred. I asked if I had slept through her usual routine - nope, he'd not gotten up with her once. She proceeded to get Cameron up at 7 AM, but that was mainly because that's her breakfast time and then she came back and slept until I got up at 9:30!

Woo-hoo is all I can say. Now, if we can just get the potty training down. Yesterday's storm definitely set us back some. She doesn't mind the rain, but the 50 mph wind gusts that hit our house and bounce off make it hard for her to stay grounded while she goes. Can't blame her really. We had one bolt of lightning yesterday afternoon that I swear struck something in the street next to us. Tulley was asleep at the time and woke to the loud clap of thunder and the noise of whatever the lightning struck. Cameron asked if I was going to take her out since she had just woken up, which is normally the rule. Hells no, I was fine with her going in the house - I didn't want to risk it with lightning so close. Luckily, that was it and half and hour later things looked better and Tulley did make it outside.


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