Jan 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Puppy & Baby

We've been busy this last week, getting ready for puppy and baby!

On the puppy front, we made a trip to the Sportsman's Warehouse in Roseville where we picked up a little collar for Tulle, as she needs to get used to wearing one right away, some duck scent and a couple of retrieving dummies to get her started in her bird-dog training. Over at Petsmart, we looked at and purchased a few small, industrial strength chew toys - we know she's going to grow out of these toys quickly, but we want her to know what she can and cannot chew on immediately. Also for Tulle, we purchased puppy food and treats. For Melody, we purchased canned dog food. Because we'll need to feed Tulle two times a day to start with and likely continue with a 1x/day feeding when she's older, we can no longer allow Melody to graze. Plus, Melody as of late, only eats when we refuse to give her treats. We figure our best bet to get her to eat once a day is to mix dry food with wet food. It sure worked last night! We also invested in a giant water bowl for all the animals to use. We just have to make sure Tulle only drinks from it. She'll be small enough to fit into the bowl if she wants and we expect her to love water so this may be a bit of a challenge. We're so excited to bring her home this Friday!

As for Little London, Grammy Vicki, Poppy Joe and Daddy Cameron painted her room on Saturday. It is a very bright mint chocolate chip green, but between the dark stained blinds and furniture we will be putting in there, along with the lavender and purple bedding, plus painting the baseboards and trim dark purple, we expect it will look really nice when we get to the end result. Cameron still needs to do some touch up and we're not purchasing the bedding or purple paint until we confirm we are in fact having a girl at our super 20-week ultrasound this Thursday. We just want to be 100 percent sure. Right now we're 99 percent sure. This ultrasound will look at all her organs to make sure all is right with our baby.

Fun times ahead!


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