Jan 21, 2010

A Good Nights Sleep!

Since bringing Tulley home a week ago, every night has involved one of us getting up every two to three hours to let Tulley out to go potty. It's definitely been draining us of normal energy, caused us to take more naps than usual, and caused each of us to go into such a deep sleep some nights that we sleep through our turns to get up with her. One of these times, Cameron said I was snoring and couldn't bear to wake me. Yup, I snore. Its mainly a side affect of the pregnancy when I don't have my head up a little. But so does Tulley - she's actually a pretty loud snorer when she gets started.

But last night Tulley slept from 11 PM through 6 AM - 7 hours! I woke up a little earlier to Melody smacking her lips and getting up to go drink from the toilet. I thought for sure, Tulley would wake. Nope. Then I heard and felt the cats running around some, then eating. Still no Tulley rising. At this point I started to worry that something was wrong with her or that I had slept through every other waking that night. When she did get up at 6 AM, I got up with her, relieved to know she was fine. When I came back to bed, Cameron stirred. I asked if I had slept through her usual routine - nope, he'd not gotten up with her once. She proceeded to get Cameron up at 7 AM, but that was mainly because that's her breakfast time and then she came back and slept until I got up at 9:30!

Woo-hoo is all I can say. Now, if we can just get the potty training down. Yesterday's storm definitely set us back some. She doesn't mind the rain, but the 50 mph wind gusts that hit our house and bounce off make it hard for her to stay grounded while she goes. Can't blame her really. We had one bolt of lightning yesterday afternoon that I swear struck something in the street next to us. Tulley was asleep at the time and woke to the loud clap of thunder and the noise of whatever the lightning struck. Cameron asked if I was going to take her out since she had just woken up, which is normally the rule. Hells no, I was fine with her going in the house - I didn't want to risk it with lightning so close. Luckily, that was it and half and hour later things looked better and Tulley did make it outside.


Jan 15, 2010

The Tulley Files

Day 1: We arrive at the breeder's house around 6 PM. As we open the doors of the car we can hear the blood curdling yelps of a puppy, but no puppy is in sight. There are however two cats circling the large dog crate. Our little Tulley is the one yelping inside. This would be an indication of how the car ride home would progress. These yelps would also wake us up every 2-3 hours throughout the night when our new little bundle of fur needed to go outside and potty.

Day 2: The morning starts at 6 AM for Sarah - Tulley has gotten up and its her turn, but she also needs to get up and drink 32 oz of water for her 8 AM 20-week ultrasound. Tulley quickly falls asleep on Sarah's foot in front of the fire. The ultrasound went well, once again confirming we're having a little girl. We'll get the rest of the results when we see the doctor Tuesday. We head back to bed soon after arriving home from the appointment for a nap for as long as Tulley will allow. By now, the rest of the kids have all adjusted as best they can to the new addition. Melody runs away from Tulley when she needs to, walks the edges of the room to get to the couch - high ground. Kelsey's curious - she stands her ground or stays just out of reach of Tulley's nose. As long as she has her spot on the bed and couches, and all is well. Jake's taking Tulley's arrival the harshest. The first night he doesn't sleep with us. He finally rejoins us on the bed during today's nap, growling and hissing whenever he sees her. By the evening we're all tired, with Tulley taking turns which lap she sleeps in. Cameron's also already at work with her when she is awake on sitting and coming. Problem is she is a sitter naturally when wanting attention from us. Tulley also takes her first shower. Sarah decided to take a shower while on Tulley duty so Cameron can get some work done. The little siren doesn't stop until Sarah is holding Tulley in her arms in the shower. She doesn't seem to mind being wet, but may not be thrilled with the pelting water when on the floor. She quickly falls asleep in her towel on the bathroom floor.

Day 3: Friday. Tulley spends the morning and early afternoon with Sarah while both of us work. During one of her calls Tulley tries to unplug the phone, but luckily does not succeed. After work is complete, we take both dogs to the fields where construction has yet to commence. Tulley has a blast running after Melody and then running back to us. She also blindly leaps off a two foot drop to get to Cameron down below. She's cushioned by the long grass. She keeps running up and jumping down the little hill with us calling her back and forth. By the time we return home, its shower time again for this little dirty girl. This time the shower gets her hyped up some afterward. She still wanted to be in Sarah's arms and didn't like the water hitting her in the face.

Day 4: Saturday! Tulley was up every few hours again - Sarah slept through the first two wakings she was so tired. Cameron was a good husband and took Tulley out both times. We're all pretty wiped when we do get up. Sarah ends up napping before noon! We walk over to Matt & Lynde's with the two girls - Tulley had a great time running around the house with Cody following her around like a game of chase. When we get home Tulley quickly passes out on the kitchen floor. Soon she and Cameron are both passed out on the living room floor. A little while later, she heads back into the shower with Sarah, mainly because her paws have what Sarah suspects is poop. This time she starts biting the water. We think she's beginning to enjoy it more.

All in all, we love having this new little pup in our lives and are glad each of our other kids seem to be adjusting quickly. Jake's still a little upset, but more curious now, and while he may growl he has yet to swipe at her when he's had the chance.


Jan 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Puppy & Baby

We've been busy this last week, getting ready for puppy and baby!

On the puppy front, we made a trip to the Sportsman's Warehouse in Roseville where we picked up a little collar for Tulle, as she needs to get used to wearing one right away, some duck scent and a couple of retrieving dummies to get her started in her bird-dog training. Over at Petsmart, we looked at and purchased a few small, industrial strength chew toys - we know she's going to grow out of these toys quickly, but we want her to know what she can and cannot chew on immediately. Also for Tulle, we purchased puppy food and treats. For Melody, we purchased canned dog food. Because we'll need to feed Tulle two times a day to start with and likely continue with a 1x/day feeding when she's older, we can no longer allow Melody to graze. Plus, Melody as of late, only eats when we refuse to give her treats. We figure our best bet to get her to eat once a day is to mix dry food with wet food. It sure worked last night! We also invested in a giant water bowl for all the animals to use. We just have to make sure Tulle only drinks from it. She'll be small enough to fit into the bowl if she wants and we expect her to love water so this may be a bit of a challenge. We're so excited to bring her home this Friday!

As for Little London, Grammy Vicki, Poppy Joe and Daddy Cameron painted her room on Saturday. It is a very bright mint chocolate chip green, but between the dark stained blinds and furniture we will be putting in there, along with the lavender and purple bedding, plus painting the baseboards and trim dark purple, we expect it will look really nice when we get to the end result. Cameron still needs to do some touch up and we're not purchasing the bedding or purple paint until we confirm we are in fact having a girl at our super 20-week ultrasound this Thursday. We just want to be 100 percent sure. Right now we're 99 percent sure. This ultrasound will look at all her organs to make sure all is right with our baby.

Fun times ahead!


Jan 4, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! Looking back on 2009, we had some great times and some big changes - going on our honeymoon in London, building and moving into our new home and finding out we were expecting. And the last week brought even more. With our putting a deposit down on our new puppy Tulle, we quickly realized our family to be had outgrown the cars we own. So New Year's Eve day we took the corvette in for an oil change and wash. We left with a 2007 GMC Yukon. And while we will enjoy the perks of owning a truck again, I know Cameron is mourning the loss of his dream car. And I'll miss riding around as passenger in such a zippy car. We definitely enjoyed driving it to Fort Bragg for our anniversary. Someday I'm sure we'll get another.

We rang in 2010 with Matt & Lynde and our skydiving friends. I faded rather quickly after midnight and was thankful for the new truck already when I could just go curl up in the back seat until Cameron, Matt and Lynde were ready to leave.

New Year's Day has become a bit of a tradition for Cameron and me. For 6 years we have watched each extended version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD. This started back in our apartment in Fremont and has commenced every New Year since. One year we even blew up the airmattress so we could be completely comfortable and relaxed. So after sleeping in New Year's Day morning and after all the Holiday decor was packed up and put away, we settled in for our marathon. We watched the first two that night and the last DVD the next evening.

We're looking forward to what 2010 has in store for us. We're already prepping for little Tulle's arrival, and will soon begin preparations for London. In some ways I hope that is all 2010 has in store for us, because I see a puppy and baby being a lot.


Jan 1, 2010

Always Room For One More

This cute little girl comes home to us in 2 weeks! She's Cameron's Christmas present from me, even if he did guess what his gift was. See, I can't just go get Cameron a gift and surprise him. He's specific when it comes to his wants and he's wanted a female yellow lab puppy to train for hunting for a good 3 or 4 years. He's talked about it every hunting season and even had a name picked out for her last year. Just recently he kept some duck wings from a hunt, sealed them in plastic with our vacuum sealer and stored in the freezer. Yet, when I tell him to just go ahead on start looking, he just won't. Cameron also suffers from not being able to spend money on himself - I know this well. He fights me all the way when I try to toss an old t-shirt of his out because of holes.

Recently, during such a conversation, Cameron said the only way he'd end up with a puppy is if I started the process. Which I did. I emailed a few hunting buddies for advise, scoured the Internet for California lab breeders and was even in contact with one. But the prices just kept going up and the breeder I emailed didn't have any puppies at the moment and didn't expect to have any until about the time we welcome London into the world. We definitely don't want to be just starting the training of a puppy when we have a new baby.

When I got home I talked to Cameron about it - he admitted to already grilling info on my search for a puppy out of Dave and had talked about his hopes for getting one for Christmas with other friends. We decided the best route for us was to call on some ads in the Sacbee. Tuesday I made two calls and one e-mail to three ads. The breeder of this little girl was the only one to call me back. She only had one female available out of 3. We were hesitant - Cameron wanted to be able to pick from a sizable group. After a few more phone calls with the breeder, we learned that one person was claiming the other two, but her deposit had yet to be received in the mail and did not seem too eager to pick out her pups - she was purchasing them for other people. The breeder and her husband were fine with giving us pick of the litter if we could come up soon and put a deposit down. This was early Wednesday afternoon. We were at the breeder's house in Biggs by 4 PM that day.

We'll be naming her Tulle (Two-lee), like the tulle fog and reeds, better known as Cat Tails. She is fully papered, has her dewclaws removed and will have her first shots January 13. We also got to meet her parents when we went to visit. Both are relatively small in stature and calm. Mom has the small head we like in labs, while dad had the traditional block head. Tulle was the smallest of the gals, and looks to have the smaller head. Plus, she was a little more independent than the others, and had no problem with water. One of her sisters didn't like walking through water at all and both kept close to the kennel with their five brothers inside. Tulle kept wanting to play with us even when she was shivering from the water she was sitting in!

We can hardly wait to bring her home and hope introductions go well between her, Melody, Jake & Kelsey. For now we're just gearing up for her, buying her a bed at Costco and cleaning the house, as well as puppy-proofing it. We'll also make a trip to Petsmart so we can get her food, bowls, treats and chew toys. We also need to go to a hunting store in Roseville to get training materials for her so we get her started right away to be a bird dog. Can't wait!