Dec 29, 2009

We're Having A....

Looks like I'm going to have to share Cameron with another woman. But I'll gladly share him with our little baby girl! Yup, we're having a girl.

Found out this morning at our last doctor's appointment with Kaiser. It was a pretty short appointment really - we were only supposed to hear the heart beat, check my weight and blood pressure and get any questions we had answered. Weight and blood pressure are good - I've only gained 5 pounds in this entire pregnancy which is good at this point in time. Then we heard Baby's heart beat.

The nurse midwife then asked if I had been feeling the baby. I said I suspected I had and pointed to the spot where I have been feeling something. She said that was exactly where I should be feeling baby. I then asked if I should feel bigger at night than in the morning. Yup - my stomach is above baby and when the stomach starts pushing on baby during the day, baby starts pushing back.

After that she asked if there was anything else. That's when Cameron chimed in that he had been hoping to see baby since he missed the last Ultrasound. She smiled and said she's be happy to go get the machine. She wheeled it in quickly and then said that if baby cooperated we could find out the sex if we wanted. We immediately said yes. And that's when we found out we're having a little girl.

I started crying a little, of course. And while I think Cameron was expecting a girl, he think he was a little in shock, but he did have a smile on his face all the same. I think it helped he had gotten to play with his cousin Kyle's 1 year old daughter, Kylynn, over the holidays and last night. Kyle, his girlfriend Bree and their cute little girl stayed with us last night since they had an early flight back to Louisiana this morning. She's grown so much since we saw her last year when she was just 2 1/2 - 3 mos.

Our little girl has grown so much as well. And we have a name for her. Her name is London Yvonne Cenedella. London, for my maiden, now middle name and Yvonne, which is my mother's middle name, and a beautiful name at that. Time to start looking at purple and green color schemes!

After our appointment, Cameron headed into work, while I headed down to member services to have my records transferred to the new doc. That's when I learned I could pay $5 for a flash drive with all my important medical information and records from Kaiser on it. Which I went and got immediately, since I needed to get it before I wasn't a member any longer. We're all set.


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