Dec 28, 2009

Two Christmases

This was the first Christmas Cameron and I have spent apart since Christmas 2004 when my parents still lived in Visalia and we had only be officially dating for a year. We also plan for this to be the last Christmas we ever spend apart - with baby on the way, we are looking forward to next Christmas when it will be 6-7 mos old!

The Sunday before Christmas I headed to Tucson for a full week visit with my parents, while Cameron's work schedule and ticket prices kept him at home watching over the kiddos and getting some good hunting in. I'm pleased to report that my dad is doing quite well for having surgery at the beginning of the month, which was the reason he and my mom could not travel to Sacramento for Christmas as was originally planned.

Monday thru Wednesday was spent shopping for last minute gifts and maternity clothes for me. I now I have 3 pairs of jeans and several tops to get me through for a while. I've also popped out quite a bit more in the last two weeks, making maternity clothes a bit more of a necessity. Time to go through my clothes again and store away all the old clothes I can no longer fit in for a while.

I also finally got to meet my parents' friends and neighbors, Barb & Bud. They came over for dinner Tuesday night. Wednesday morning they were supposed to be on their way to Maryland to spend Christmas with their Daughter, and so we thought was still the case when mom and I picked up their dog Roxy for a mid-morning walk. My parents watch and feed Roxy when Barb & Bud are away and they watch Mocha when my parents head on vacation. It wasn't until my mom and I were heading out for some more shopping that afternoon that Bud called and informed us that Barb had slipped grabbing a towel out of the shower and broke her upper left arm on the bathtub. To say break is an understatement, actually. Pulverized is a better idea. Poor Barb had to have surgery to insert a pin in her arm from her shoulder to her elbow Christmas eve morning. My mom being the nurse and wonderful person that she is, made extra Christmas Eve dinner and walked it over at dinner time. Barb was a trooper and made the trek across the street Christmas Day to have dinner with us. I can only imagine the pain she is still in.

Also over the visit I finally learned to make my mom's french bread. She's been making this bread for 30 some years now and family friend Emily Moffett won't let her through the door on Christmas Eve with out it. We only wished we could have had Emily with us to learn. Maybe next year.

Yesterday, my mom was able to teach my how to make the Scandinavian treat, Lefsa. It's kinda of like a potato-based tortilla that we then smother with butter and sugar. Mom was even able to send me home with a Lefsa stick which is quite useful in the process. Have to say that the Lefsa seems easier to make than the french bread, but I need some new additions to my kitchen before I can make either.

I'm currently sitting in LAX waiting for my flight home to Sac, with about an hour to go still. I was up early this morning and am looking forward to getting home, crawling into my bed and cuddling up with Cameron for a mid-morning nap. I'm sure a few kiddos will be joining us if they're not too mad at me for disappearing for so long. I'm also looking forward to some of Vicki's homemade tamales, which I watched being made the Saturday before I left. She had quite the assembly line going with her sister Cindy, Joe and Cameron and made quite a number of tamales, though she makes them once a year to last the next. So yummy!


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