Dec 10, 2009

Happy Holidays!

The tree is up and decorated, as is most of the house, and our annual Christmas cards and letter have been sent out to friends and family. I still have a few holiday decorations to get up, which will probably be completed today or this weekend.

We even started this week with a little snow on the ground! Sunday night temperatures dropped enough and the rain turned into Snow. Cameron had to get up early for work that day so he got me up to see snow on neighbors' roof titles and on our cars. There wasn't much though and by noon the snow had melted away. It's still quite chilly in these parts and it started raining more last night. The other night when Cameron and I were running errands, we were warned by my car that ice was possible. I actually slipped a little on ice in our driveway earlier in the day - I didn't fall or anything, just had my foot move unexpectedly beneath me. It was a good reminder to look down when walking these days though.

Last week we were supposed to go on our first hospital tour, to start the process of finding a new doctor before the New Year. Unfortunately, the hopsital cancelled the event, and while someone was supposed to call me to reschedule a time for us to come, no one did. No worries, as it wasn't the hopsital we were really interested in any how. We're set to see Mercy Folsom next week and as long as I get a good feeling there, we're find a doctor through that hopsital.

We had a great weekend, last weekend. Cameron got to go with our friend Jeremy to the Sharks game in San Jose Saturday night. Too bad the Sharks lost in the last period. Cameron did pick me up a Sharks Santa Hat, which he placed on the tree and I like it there so much, it has stayed. Also on Saturday, my childhood friend Denise came for a visit. She hadn't been able to come to the house warming so she got to see our house for the first time and it was nice to just catch up with her since seeing her at her wedding in September.

This weekend Cameron has plans to go hunting as the weather should be optimal and I'm headed to Vacaville to have lunch with my highschool girlfriend, Devon, and her baby girl Zoey. I'm very excited to meet this little cutie - she's had a full head of hair since she was born around October.

Other than that, I've finally started the process of creating our wedding album, getting pictures in order, and ordered where necesary as well as purchasing the paper and extras. Some of it's on order now, so it's a waiting game to receive all the materials before I can officially start. Most of the pictures I've order arrived today, so I'm mainly waiting on 5 other pictures and the paper. Not that I don't have plenty to do around here, including finishing up the cleaning out of the baby's room. We'll hopefully know the gender in January (pending baby obliging during the ultra sound and not getting delayed due to the doctor changes.)


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