Dec 17, 2009

The Doctor is in

The hospital tour last night wasn't all that exciting. Good information and for a hospital it was nice. I was glad to see the delivery rooms don't have glaring fluorescent bulbs and that they are private, as are the Maternity recovery rooms. Those had fluorescent lights but not directly overhead. With the information provided I don't think we'll need to take the same tour over again closer to the birth. We do know that when we are ready to head to the hospital to call ahead to alert them of our arrival and ask them to make sure an anesthesiologist is available - they said it can take 20 minutes for the anesthesiologist to arrive to give you an epidural. So far, we're pretty sure I'll want one. At the end of the tour I asked the nurse giving the tour who she preferred among the Ob's. Of course she said all are great, but we were able to get a couple of names out of her after that initial, expected response.

This morning I called the first doctor and got an crazy automated message service. I left a message but that experience left me feeling a little cold. So I looked the other Doctor up online to get his phone number. Come to find out, he's in a practice with two other Ob's with privileges at Mercy Folsom as well. When I called, I spoke with a nice receptionist that was very understanding to my predicament and she was able to schedule me to have an initial nurse consultation for new patients visit in early January and to see the Doctor mid-late January. She also assured me that they'll be able to get me in for my mid-term ultrasound, the one that tells us the gender, right around that time so we won't be too delayed in finding out what Baby will be. The added bonus is that the Practice office is located across the street from the hospital so I know they will be close when the time comes.

That was my biggest to do today and I am so relieved to be able to check it off my list and feel like this is going to be good. Now I just need to get my records from Kaiser and hopefully the new insurance info arrives in the mail soon!


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