Dec 16, 2009

All I Want For Christmas is...

An empty spare bedroom so we are ready to decorate for Baby as soon as the gender is determined. This is what I told Cameron last night at Costco when he decided buying a Blu-Ray player was our Christmas present to us both and then realized its not a big deal to me - I'm fine with regular old DVDs and player.

We're headed to the Mercy Folsom hospital tonight for our tour. As long as I am comfortable with the place I hope we can have a doctor selected and appointments on the calendar either before we leave there tonight or by the end of the week.

Still no showing much, but have definitely seen a change in my belly in the last day. Of course, I look bigger at night after I've eaten.

Had a great lunch with Devon on Saturday, catching up with her and meeting Zoey. We mainly talked babies, which was good and she gave me some good advice. First, she said to make sure Cameron has a sweatshirt at the hospital - she got so hot during her labor that she had the room as cold as she could get it. It was still warm weather outside so her husband was not prepared for the chilly weather inside and had to ask the nurse for a blanket to keep himself warm. She also turned me on to the company I am sure I will get my diaper bag through: Petunia Pickle Bottom. They look like regular purses, but have holders for bottles, come with changing pads and wipe holders. Plus, the one Devon has has 3 strap options, including one option so you can click the bag to the stroller! Devon also said to go to their outlet online and wait for a sale, as the bags are somewhat pricey. Already signed up and waiting.

Saturday night was the annual skydiving Christmas party and white elephant exchange. We first had dinner with Matt, Lynde and some of Matt's skydive team in Winters at a great Steakhouse called Buckhorn. I ordered a dinner salad that was huge! But unfortunately I'm still have meat aversions and the steak on it was just too sweet. During the party I ended up guarding a bottle of good tequila for one of our friends. It was the gift she picked out from the pile and she didn't want any one to steal it so she opened it and had some sips. She then invited a few others to have a taste. This led to even more people came looking for it for a taste, but without asking Amy. That's when we decided to hide the bottle behind my chair and say someone stole it! Amy was very convincing and we were able to save about half the bottle for her to enjoy later. It was also at the party that most of our skydiving friends found out we were expected - all are quite excited for us.

This weekend should be pretty busy. Cameron's hunting Saturday morning and I have a hair appointment in Chico that morning, so we're headed up to Biggs Friday night. Cameron then wants to make tamales with his mom so we can bring some home with us rather than wait until the end of next year for Vicki's freezer left overs. Sunday I head to Tucson in the evening to spend the holidays with my parents and somewhere in there I think we need to sneak in some last minute shopping so Cameron doesn't show up empty handed to family gatherings here.

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