Dec 29, 2009

We're Having A....

Looks like I'm going to have to share Cameron with another woman. But I'll gladly share him with our little baby girl! Yup, we're having a girl.

Found out this morning at our last doctor's appointment with Kaiser. It was a pretty short appointment really - we were only supposed to hear the heart beat, check my weight and blood pressure and get any questions we had answered. Weight and blood pressure are good - I've only gained 5 pounds in this entire pregnancy which is good at this point in time. Then we heard Baby's heart beat.

The nurse midwife then asked if I had been feeling the baby. I said I suspected I had and pointed to the spot where I have been feeling something. She said that was exactly where I should be feeling baby. I then asked if I should feel bigger at night than in the morning. Yup - my stomach is above baby and when the stomach starts pushing on baby during the day, baby starts pushing back.

After that she asked if there was anything else. That's when Cameron chimed in that he had been hoping to see baby since he missed the last Ultrasound. She smiled and said she's be happy to go get the machine. She wheeled it in quickly and then said that if baby cooperated we could find out the sex if we wanted. We immediately said yes. And that's when we found out we're having a little girl.

I started crying a little, of course. And while I think Cameron was expecting a girl, he think he was a little in shock, but he did have a smile on his face all the same. I think it helped he had gotten to play with his cousin Kyle's 1 year old daughter, Kylynn, over the holidays and last night. Kyle, his girlfriend Bree and their cute little girl stayed with us last night since they had an early flight back to Louisiana this morning. She's grown so much since we saw her last year when she was just 2 1/2 - 3 mos.

Our little girl has grown so much as well. And we have a name for her. Her name is London Yvonne Cenedella. London, for my maiden, now middle name and Yvonne, which is my mother's middle name, and a beautiful name at that. Time to start looking at purple and green color schemes!

After our appointment, Cameron headed into work, while I headed down to member services to have my records transferred to the new doc. That's when I learned I could pay $5 for a flash drive with all my important medical information and records from Kaiser on it. Which I went and got immediately, since I needed to get it before I wasn't a member any longer. We're all set.


Dec 28, 2009

Two Christmases

This was the first Christmas Cameron and I have spent apart since Christmas 2004 when my parents still lived in Visalia and we had only be officially dating for a year. We also plan for this to be the last Christmas we ever spend apart - with baby on the way, we are looking forward to next Christmas when it will be 6-7 mos old!

The Sunday before Christmas I headed to Tucson for a full week visit with my parents, while Cameron's work schedule and ticket prices kept him at home watching over the kiddos and getting some good hunting in. I'm pleased to report that my dad is doing quite well for having surgery at the beginning of the month, which was the reason he and my mom could not travel to Sacramento for Christmas as was originally planned.

Monday thru Wednesday was spent shopping for last minute gifts and maternity clothes for me. I now I have 3 pairs of jeans and several tops to get me through for a while. I've also popped out quite a bit more in the last two weeks, making maternity clothes a bit more of a necessity. Time to go through my clothes again and store away all the old clothes I can no longer fit in for a while.

I also finally got to meet my parents' friends and neighbors, Barb & Bud. They came over for dinner Tuesday night. Wednesday morning they were supposed to be on their way to Maryland to spend Christmas with their Daughter, and so we thought was still the case when mom and I picked up their dog Roxy for a mid-morning walk. My parents watch and feed Roxy when Barb & Bud are away and they watch Mocha when my parents head on vacation. It wasn't until my mom and I were heading out for some more shopping that afternoon that Bud called and informed us that Barb had slipped grabbing a towel out of the shower and broke her upper left arm on the bathtub. To say break is an understatement, actually. Pulverized is a better idea. Poor Barb had to have surgery to insert a pin in her arm from her shoulder to her elbow Christmas eve morning. My mom being the nurse and wonderful person that she is, made extra Christmas Eve dinner and walked it over at dinner time. Barb was a trooper and made the trek across the street Christmas Day to have dinner with us. I can only imagine the pain she is still in.

Also over the visit I finally learned to make my mom's french bread. She's been making this bread for 30 some years now and family friend Emily Moffett won't let her through the door on Christmas Eve with out it. We only wished we could have had Emily with us to learn. Maybe next year.

Yesterday, my mom was able to teach my how to make the Scandinavian treat, Lefsa. It's kinda of like a potato-based tortilla that we then smother with butter and sugar. Mom was even able to send me home with a Lefsa stick which is quite useful in the process. Have to say that the Lefsa seems easier to make than the french bread, but I need some new additions to my kitchen before I can make either.

I'm currently sitting in LAX waiting for my flight home to Sac, with about an hour to go still. I was up early this morning and am looking forward to getting home, crawling into my bed and cuddling up with Cameron for a mid-morning nap. I'm sure a few kiddos will be joining us if they're not too mad at me for disappearing for so long. I'm also looking forward to some of Vicki's homemade tamales, which I watched being made the Saturday before I left. She had quite the assembly line going with her sister Cindy, Joe and Cameron and made quite a number of tamales, though she makes them once a year to last the next. So yummy!


Dec 17, 2009

The Doctor is in

The hospital tour last night wasn't all that exciting. Good information and for a hospital it was nice. I was glad to see the delivery rooms don't have glaring fluorescent bulbs and that they are private, as are the Maternity recovery rooms. Those had fluorescent lights but not directly overhead. With the information provided I don't think we'll need to take the same tour over again closer to the birth. We do know that when we are ready to head to the hospital to call ahead to alert them of our arrival and ask them to make sure an anesthesiologist is available - they said it can take 20 minutes for the anesthesiologist to arrive to give you an epidural. So far, we're pretty sure I'll want one. At the end of the tour I asked the nurse giving the tour who she preferred among the Ob's. Of course she said all are great, but we were able to get a couple of names out of her after that initial, expected response.

This morning I called the first doctor and got an crazy automated message service. I left a message but that experience left me feeling a little cold. So I looked the other Doctor up online to get his phone number. Come to find out, he's in a practice with two other Ob's with privileges at Mercy Folsom as well. When I called, I spoke with a nice receptionist that was very understanding to my predicament and she was able to schedule me to have an initial nurse consultation for new patients visit in early January and to see the Doctor mid-late January. She also assured me that they'll be able to get me in for my mid-term ultrasound, the one that tells us the gender, right around that time so we won't be too delayed in finding out what Baby will be. The added bonus is that the Practice office is located across the street from the hospital so I know they will be close when the time comes.

That was my biggest to do today and I am so relieved to be able to check it off my list and feel like this is going to be good. Now I just need to get my records from Kaiser and hopefully the new insurance info arrives in the mail soon!


Dec 16, 2009

All I Want For Christmas is...

An empty spare bedroom so we are ready to decorate for Baby as soon as the gender is determined. This is what I told Cameron last night at Costco when he decided buying a Blu-Ray player was our Christmas present to us both and then realized its not a big deal to me - I'm fine with regular old DVDs and player.

We're headed to the Mercy Folsom hospital tonight for our tour. As long as I am comfortable with the place I hope we can have a doctor selected and appointments on the calendar either before we leave there tonight or by the end of the week.

Still no showing much, but have definitely seen a change in my belly in the last day. Of course, I look bigger at night after I've eaten.

Had a great lunch with Devon on Saturday, catching up with her and meeting Zoey. We mainly talked babies, which was good and she gave me some good advice. First, she said to make sure Cameron has a sweatshirt at the hospital - she got so hot during her labor that she had the room as cold as she could get it. It was still warm weather outside so her husband was not prepared for the chilly weather inside and had to ask the nurse for a blanket to keep himself warm. She also turned me on to the company I am sure I will get my diaper bag through: Petunia Pickle Bottom. They look like regular purses, but have holders for bottles, come with changing pads and wipe holders. Plus, the one Devon has has 3 strap options, including one option so you can click the bag to the stroller! Devon also said to go to their outlet online and wait for a sale, as the bags are somewhat pricey. Already signed up and waiting.

Saturday night was the annual skydiving Christmas party and white elephant exchange. We first had dinner with Matt, Lynde and some of Matt's skydive team in Winters at a great Steakhouse called Buckhorn. I ordered a dinner salad that was huge! But unfortunately I'm still have meat aversions and the steak on it was just too sweet. During the party I ended up guarding a bottle of good tequila for one of our friends. It was the gift she picked out from the pile and she didn't want any one to steal it so she opened it and had some sips. She then invited a few others to have a taste. This led to even more people came looking for it for a taste, but without asking Amy. That's when we decided to hide the bottle behind my chair and say someone stole it! Amy was very convincing and we were able to save about half the bottle for her to enjoy later. It was also at the party that most of our skydiving friends found out we were expected - all are quite excited for us.

This weekend should be pretty busy. Cameron's hunting Saturday morning and I have a hair appointment in Chico that morning, so we're headed up to Biggs Friday night. Cameron then wants to make tamales with his mom so we can bring some home with us rather than wait until the end of next year for Vicki's freezer left overs. Sunday I head to Tucson in the evening to spend the holidays with my parents and somewhere in there I think we need to sneak in some last minute shopping so Cameron doesn't show up empty handed to family gatherings here.

Dec 10, 2009

Happy Holidays!

The tree is up and decorated, as is most of the house, and our annual Christmas cards and letter have been sent out to friends and family. I still have a few holiday decorations to get up, which will probably be completed today or this weekend.

We even started this week with a little snow on the ground! Sunday night temperatures dropped enough and the rain turned into Snow. Cameron had to get up early for work that day so he got me up to see snow on neighbors' roof titles and on our cars. There wasn't much though and by noon the snow had melted away. It's still quite chilly in these parts and it started raining more last night. The other night when Cameron and I were running errands, we were warned by my car that ice was possible. I actually slipped a little on ice in our driveway earlier in the day - I didn't fall or anything, just had my foot move unexpectedly beneath me. It was a good reminder to look down when walking these days though.

Last week we were supposed to go on our first hospital tour, to start the process of finding a new doctor before the New Year. Unfortunately, the hopsital cancelled the event, and while someone was supposed to call me to reschedule a time for us to come, no one did. No worries, as it wasn't the hopsital we were really interested in any how. We're set to see Mercy Folsom next week and as long as I get a good feeling there, we're find a doctor through that hopsital.

We had a great weekend, last weekend. Cameron got to go with our friend Jeremy to the Sharks game in San Jose Saturday night. Too bad the Sharks lost in the last period. Cameron did pick me up a Sharks Santa Hat, which he placed on the tree and I like it there so much, it has stayed. Also on Saturday, my childhood friend Denise came for a visit. She hadn't been able to come to the house warming so she got to see our house for the first time and it was nice to just catch up with her since seeing her at her wedding in September.

This weekend Cameron has plans to go hunting as the weather should be optimal and I'm headed to Vacaville to have lunch with my highschool girlfriend, Devon, and her baby girl Zoey. I'm very excited to meet this little cutie - she's had a full head of hair since she was born around October.

Other than that, I've finally started the process of creating our wedding album, getting pictures in order, and ordered where necesary as well as purchasing the paper and extras. Some of it's on order now, so it's a waiting game to receive all the materials before I can officially start. Most of the pictures I've order arrived today, so I'm mainly waiting on 5 other pictures and the paper. Not that I don't have plenty to do around here, including finishing up the cleaning out of the baby's room. We'll hopefully know the gender in January (pending baby obliging during the ultra sound and not getting delayed due to the doctor changes.)