Nov 6, 2009

Week of the Prune

The congratulations have been pouring in and we thank all of you for the well wishes.

I'm having a ton of fun each week learning how big little Baby Cenedella is getting and what new things Baby is doing. Today I am officially 10 weeks along, so I thought I'd share with you what I am reading about Baby today.

Baby is the size of a prune (I particularly like this comparison since we got married between the prune trees), which means the baby is about 1.2 inches and .14 oz. The bones and cartilage are starting to form this week and vital organs are beginning to function. On top of that, Baby's arm joints should be working and the legs will soon.

The Cenedella household is seeing the most milk its ever consumed these days! Cameron's usually the milk drinker, but with Baby, I want to get as much calcium as possible which I get in by eating cheeses, and drinking milk and calcium-rich orange juice. We're finding we need to go to the store more often then ever to fill up on milk, juice and fresh fruits. Still loving oranges these days and so glad they are coming into season. Still having morning sickness off and on. Thanks to everyone with their suggestions. Now if I can just get the energy to go out and get what I need to put those suggestions to use. Worst part right now is I'm craving Sushi - I can't have raw meat and really have to watch fish intake, but I think we'll have the remedy the situation with veggie rolls soon. I've also really wanted a tuna sandwich, but can't have albacore tuna - which is all was have for canned tuna!

Cameron and I have our next prenatal visit on November 17 which can't come soon enough.

In other news, I'm headed into the city tomorrow to have a girls day and see the musical Wicked again. I can hardly wait - I only pray morning sickness can be prevented while I am away.


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