Nov 30, 2009

Turkey and Icees

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We weren't sure how I was going to handle the smell and taste of turkey this year, giving my meat adversions, particularly with chicken. I've tried to eat chicken, even wanted it, but after about 4 bites, I'm ready to run the to bathroom.

We hosted Thanksgiving this year, which meant we were in charge of cooking the turkey. I was able to handle the raw turkey, helping Cameron get it smothered in olive oil just prior to cooking. And I have been loving the left over turkey sandwiches I have been having for almost every meal since Thanksgiving.

I officially started my second trimester yesterday. I can say my energy level has started to bounce back, though morning sickness is still plaguing me some here and there, mainly in the evenings after busy days. I've also developed one interesting craving. It came to me at 4:30 one morning - suddenly all I wanted was an Icee. The craving lasted all day, until I convinced Cameron to go with me to find a 7-11. After a little drive, we did find one and I had my Icee. Later we discovered that the AM/PM down the road also had true Icees, which we have stopped in on twice. I'm not craving them like that one day, but I'm definitely not turning them down anytime soon either. And I'm usually the kind of girl that won't eat frozen yogurt because its cold outside.

We also think our cat Jake knows something is up. He has switched from sleeping on Cameron's side of the bed to my side, and for several nights would not sleep anywhere but next to my tummy. My tossing, turning and getting up in the middle night has since moved him closer to my feet. He does, however, cuddle up as close to my tummy as I will allow him to every night when we're watching TV and immediately begins to purr. Cameron and I joke that he's massaging the baby. I'd let him lay on my belly, but its super sensitive and any pressure on it sends my into morning sickness.


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