Nov 19, 2009

Early Prenancy Class

Last night Cameron and I attended an Early Pregnancy class that was recommended for us and offered by Kaiser. The class had been advertised as things to expect during pregnancy, how to take care of yourself and baby and what to expect during your office visit.

I have to say the hour-long class was a let down. Maybe because I have friends and family who have also told me what to expect, or that fact that I get daily newsletters from, or that I've been reading when I have a little energy at night, but the class didn't offer me anything new. I mainly wanted to learn more about what to expect during our office visits, which was only covered by explaining how often we'll go to the doctor. Oh well, glad to know we know pretty much what Kaiser thinks we should.

In other news, Cameron and I are signed up to tour Mercy's Methodist Hospital in South Sacramento on December 3. We're basically being made to switch insurance providers mid-pregnancy so I need to find a new doctor by January 1. Of course, this comes right at the moment I'm do for the super duper ultrasound that looks at Baby's organs and usually lets us know the gender of the baby.

Yesterday in the mail I received a postcard from Mercy, inviting us to tour their Birthing center and meet their doctors during the evening hours of December 3. Perfect timing! I confirmed the hospital accepts our new insurance and signed us up.

I'm also going to schedule a tour of Mercy's Folsom hopsital and set up some meetings with the doctors there so we actually feel we have some choices when it comes to switching doctors since I not exactly pleased that I have to switch doctors at all.

For now, I'm looking forward to this weekend and having next week off to relax and catch up on things around the house. I really need to clear the baby's room out as we may be purchasing the baby room furniture next week. I've had the furniture picked up since we started trying, so its just a matter of buying it now. Hoping it might be on sale Black Friday. We'll see.


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