Nov 30, 2009

Turkey and Icees

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We weren't sure how I was going to handle the smell and taste of turkey this year, giving my meat adversions, particularly with chicken. I've tried to eat chicken, even wanted it, but after about 4 bites, I'm ready to run the to bathroom.

We hosted Thanksgiving this year, which meant we were in charge of cooking the turkey. I was able to handle the raw turkey, helping Cameron get it smothered in olive oil just prior to cooking. And I have been loving the left over turkey sandwiches I have been having for almost every meal since Thanksgiving.

I officially started my second trimester yesterday. I can say my energy level has started to bounce back, though morning sickness is still plaguing me some here and there, mainly in the evenings after busy days. I've also developed one interesting craving. It came to me at 4:30 one morning - suddenly all I wanted was an Icee. The craving lasted all day, until I convinced Cameron to go with me to find a 7-11. After a little drive, we did find one and I had my Icee. Later we discovered that the AM/PM down the road also had true Icees, which we have stopped in on twice. I'm not craving them like that one day, but I'm definitely not turning them down anytime soon either. And I'm usually the kind of girl that won't eat frozen yogurt because its cold outside.

We also think our cat Jake knows something is up. He has switched from sleeping on Cameron's side of the bed to my side, and for several nights would not sleep anywhere but next to my tummy. My tossing, turning and getting up in the middle night has since moved him closer to my feet. He does, however, cuddle up as close to my tummy as I will allow him to every night when we're watching TV and immediately begins to purr. Cameron and I joke that he's massaging the baby. I'd let him lay on my belly, but its super sensitive and any pressure on it sends my into morning sickness.


Nov 19, 2009

Early Prenancy Class

Last night Cameron and I attended an Early Pregnancy class that was recommended for us and offered by Kaiser. The class had been advertised as things to expect during pregnancy, how to take care of yourself and baby and what to expect during your office visit.

I have to say the hour-long class was a let down. Maybe because I have friends and family who have also told me what to expect, or that fact that I get daily newsletters from, or that I've been reading when I have a little energy at night, but the class didn't offer me anything new. I mainly wanted to learn more about what to expect during our office visits, which was only covered by explaining how often we'll go to the doctor. Oh well, glad to know we know pretty much what Kaiser thinks we should.

In other news, Cameron and I are signed up to tour Mercy's Methodist Hospital in South Sacramento on December 3. We're basically being made to switch insurance providers mid-pregnancy so I need to find a new doctor by January 1. Of course, this comes right at the moment I'm do for the super duper ultrasound that looks at Baby's organs and usually lets us know the gender of the baby.

Yesterday in the mail I received a postcard from Mercy, inviting us to tour their Birthing center and meet their doctors during the evening hours of December 3. Perfect timing! I confirmed the hospital accepts our new insurance and signed us up.

I'm also going to schedule a tour of Mercy's Folsom hopsital and set up some meetings with the doctors there so we actually feel we have some choices when it comes to switching doctors since I not exactly pleased that I have to switch doctors at all.

For now, I'm looking forward to this weekend and having next week off to relax and catch up on things around the house. I really need to clear the baby's room out as we may be purchasing the baby room furniture next week. I've had the furniture picked up since we started trying, so its just a matter of buying it now. Hoping it might be on sale Black Friday. We'll see.


Nov 17, 2009

Hiccups & Baby clothes

Today was our second prenatal appointment. After checking me out, the nurse midwife rolled in the ultrasound machine again. Many people had told me that I likely would not have another ultrasound since we had one at the last appointment so I was happily surprised.

Just as baby came into view, it had a series of 3-4 hiccups! Once those subsided I got to watch the baby bounce around inside me. Still too early to feel baby though. My next ultrasound won't be until week 20 which is mid-January. But that's when we get to find out the gender, as long as baby cooperates.

I was bummed that Cameron was unable to attend the appointment. Unfortunately, his boss scheduled a mandatory in-person meeting for every one in his Sales group for the same time as our appointment. Cameron was just as bummed, if not more. I was able to bring two pictures home for our fridge.

Tomorrow night we're off to an early pregnancy class to learn what we can expect in the coming months and appointments. Just hoping morning sickness doesn't hit. I'm not having it as often or as long, but it tends to strike in the evening when I'm tired.

In other news, we have bought and been given the first baby clothes, gender neutral of course. Two Fridays ago, we ended up at the Galleria Mall in Roseville. Before we had started trying, we had gone into a Sports store looking for a hat for Cameron. That's when we discovered they carried San Jose Sharks onesies with bib and booties! I ended up buying one for my friend Ashley who was expecting at the time. When we made the decision to start trying we went back into the store to get our own, but the store didn't have any. Well they did that Friday, along with cute Sharks hoodie sweatshirt and sweat pant sets. Our kid is fully equipped to be the Sharks fan he or she will be. If we have a girl, I'll finish the outfits with a black headband.

Matt & Lynde just returned from Maui for their honeymoon and brought us back the tiniest and cutest Aloha Baby onesie, perfect for a newborn dealing with Central Valley summer heat next year.

Now, if I could just get the energy to clean out the baby's room so we can start looking at getting it ready for baby. I'm told my energy will return soon. I sure hope so. I'll try and take some pics of the pile of boxes ahead of me, as well as the clothes and scan those ultrasound pics soon.


Nov 6, 2009

Week of the Prune

The congratulations have been pouring in and we thank all of you for the well wishes.

I'm having a ton of fun each week learning how big little Baby Cenedella is getting and what new things Baby is doing. Today I am officially 10 weeks along, so I thought I'd share with you what I am reading about Baby today.

Baby is the size of a prune (I particularly like this comparison since we got married between the prune trees), which means the baby is about 1.2 inches and .14 oz. The bones and cartilage are starting to form this week and vital organs are beginning to function. On top of that, Baby's arm joints should be working and the legs will soon.

The Cenedella household is seeing the most milk its ever consumed these days! Cameron's usually the milk drinker, but with Baby, I want to get as much calcium as possible which I get in by eating cheeses, and drinking milk and calcium-rich orange juice. We're finding we need to go to the store more often then ever to fill up on milk, juice and fresh fruits. Still loving oranges these days and so glad they are coming into season. Still having morning sickness off and on. Thanks to everyone with their suggestions. Now if I can just get the energy to go out and get what I need to put those suggestions to use. Worst part right now is I'm craving Sushi - I can't have raw meat and really have to watch fish intake, but I think we'll have the remedy the situation with veggie rolls soon. I've also really wanted a tuna sandwich, but can't have albacore tuna - which is all was have for canned tuna!

Cameron and I have our next prenatal visit on November 17 which can't come soon enough.

In other news, I'm headed into the city tomorrow to have a girls day and see the musical Wicked again. I can hardly wait - I only pray morning sickness can be prevented while I am away.


Nov 2, 2009

And Baby Makes 3!

That's right, Cameron and I are officially announcing that we are expecting our first child! I'm 9 weeks along, which means the baby is about the size of a medium green olive, on its way to the size of a prune. We love all the weekly size descriptions. After reading that it was a size of a raspberry at week 8 I craved them. We revealed this great news to most of our friends at our house warming on Halloween, and now feel we can go as public as we want with this news. Of course, our parents found out almost as soon as we did.

We're due in early June, so of course we wouldn't mind if the baby was a little early, so that it can be a May baby with us. We will find out the sex when given a chance. With the amount of morning sickness I have been experiencing, most people are guessing its a girl.

We had our first prenatal check-up last Tuesday, where we had an ultra-sound and saw our baby for the first time, along with the heart beat. The midwife said our baby had a strong heartbeat and that I was right on with were I thought I was in the pregnancy.

Besides the morning sickness, the biggest symptom I have experienced is fatigue. I definitely don't have the energy I used to, which resulted in boxes being piled in the old spare bedroom, now baby room or nursery, so we do have some work ahead for ourselves getting it cleared out and then decorated for baby. While I haven't had many cravings, minus Popsicles and bakery sugar cookies, I have had food aversions, mainly to meat. It has to smell good to me before I'll eat any meat, which usually means Cameron is heating something up for himself and surrenders his food to get me to eat.

Cameron is being as supportive as possible, given I am slacking on my household responsibilities - he's done a good job at picking up that slack. And he's been good at asking how I'm feeling and seeing what he can do to make me feel better, including driving to Safeway at 11:30 last night to get me Tylenol to kill a headache I had had all day. And with all the water I'm drinking, the Britta filter has a permanent place on the counter next to the sink for easy fill-up, which happens at least twice a day.