Oct 10, 2009


Cameron has been in Canada since Tuesday, finally cashing in on a hunting trip he won in a drawing over a year ago. This means I've had a chance to really lay into the house. Tuesday night I cleaned the entire first floor. Wednesday night I worked on the loft. Thursday night I was exhausted, and Friday night, not in the mood to unpack. I think I've hit the wall on unpacking - time to tackle a box or two a day, no more unless I have a surge of energy. All in all the house is coming together. And today I finally got to paint!

Lynde and I headed to Lowe's and Home Depot for our painting needs around noon today. We then tackled a wall in her house that she has been putting off. It only took about an hour to get done, so I headed over and taped off the fireplace. After two coats, I have color on a wall. I can't wait until we don't have any more white walls in our house. After so many years of renting and white walls, I'm sick of them! Of course, it may be a few years before everything gets painted. I know today's project was small, but it feels so good to have some of the white gone, even if it was just a little patch.

Cameron gets home tomorrow. We haven't even talked since he left, so I'm looking forward to having my sweetie home, plus he can help me put the painting back up above the fireplace. Now I'm debating whether to paint the arch tomorrow, which I have the paint for, or get the main wall color paint to paint the inlay of the above fireplace area before putting the painting back up and just have that whole are complete - maybe I'll do both!


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