Sep 30, 2009

Hello Fall!

Fall is here. I can't say Fall is my favorite season, I don't think I really have a FAVORITE season. I just love the changing of the seasons. I'm usually tired of the old season and ready for the climate change. Fall is fun because I get to decorate the house for all the holidays that come with it. And while the first week and weekend of Fall brought 100 degree weather, between Monday and Tuesday this week, we've seen a drop of about 15-20 degrees and have had some chilly nights. Tonight we even had some rain, lightning and thunder. We had to take the comforter out of the dry cleaning bag. And with October started, Halloween decorations have made their way out of storage and into our decor.

In other news, we still have a ways to go before we're totally settled in the new house (I'll decorate around the mess:)) but we are almost completely done with cleaning the old house - just a quick sweep of the garage tomorrow and our walk-through.

We have completed our backyard renovations. We had cement poured and stained, and sprinklers and lawn put in last week. We even extended the driveway a little so I'll be able to park on it versus the street. Yippee! Above are some pics before the cement was stained. The camera is low on battery power and I haven't found the charger yet to take the final finished picture.

Today, Lynde, Cameron and I headed up to the Auburn Home Show. Cameron and I were on a mission to find a painting for above the fireplace. We originally had purchases a painting on canvas hung by a wrought iron bar, but it's just a little too big and looks better in our bedroom any how. We went straight to the building that had the art at the last show. Sure enough, the art section was still there and still at the low low prices. We found what we wanted in 10 minutes. It's even already above the fireplace and we've even picked out the colors we plan to paint the room. In trying to hang the canvas painting, Cameron made some dents and holes, which has been a blessing because I cannot wait to paint and now I need to to fix his boo boos.

Stay tuned for more pictures as things progress.


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