Sep 10, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So I'm sitting at my computer and tried to remember the loast time I posted here. I had to check and am shocked its been well over a month. Then again, August was a bit of a blurr for me.

The weekend after our anniversary, Cameron's brother Alan and his son Christian were in town for a visit, so a bunch of the family got together for a BBQ. Our nephew Christian turned 3 in July and is just the happiest little guy I have ever met! It was a ton of fun to see him and Alan again, and we were happy Joe, Vicki, Alan and Christian made the trek down to Rancho to see the house at the time. I think the tile was just going in.

The next weekend kicked off all the festivities around Matt & Lynde's wedding. First was the bridal shower, then the bachelor party and Lynde's pre-bachelorette party. followed by their wedding. The wedding was wonderful, the bride gorgeous and the groom looked dapper in his tux and spiffy shoes. Forget what the style was called, but the shoes were cool for sure. We spent a bit of time up in Chico for their wedding, catching up with friends we don't see often who had come in for the wedding as well as sneaking in a dinner with Gene and Bonnie Moffett.

Then, last Thursday, my parents flew in for Denise Johnson's wedding, which was Sunday. Friday, my dad finally got to see the new house - during our pre-walk through. Did I mention its all done. The prewalk through was just to go through and make sure it was up to our standards. The builder has had this last week to fix all the little things. My biggest concern is just making sure the granite tile on the island is smooth - I'd found a few rough edges during the walkthrough. Denise and Jon's wedding was lovely as well. It was held at the very same location as Matt & Lynde's! A bit of deja vu for Cameron and myself. Cameron got to meet a lot of people from my childhood that I haven't seen in years. My parents and I had a great time catching up with all these people. Denise looked stunning in her dress and I got quite the kick out of Jon walking in to the Mission Impossible theme song!

And to add more to our plate, we've been busy with the final preparations of the new house and moving! We get the keys tomorrow. While I know the process seemed to take forever, I can't believe the day is almost here that its ours! We have the final walkthrough just to confirm all was fixed tomorrow at 1 PM. Then it will be recorded with the city and we should have our keys between 3:30 and 4:30. We'll get a little time in the house before Cameron drives me to the airport for Lynde's bachelorette party. We're headed to San Diego for a weekend of girl fun and teh Dave Matthew's Concert.

The big move will take place next weekend. Until then, Cameron wants to seal the garage floor and fences. We also have someone coming to give us an estimate on sealing the grout and tile counters and floors Saturday, which we then hope can be completed before the big move. Also crossing our fingers that the blinds arrive and that we can get them installed before then as well. Luckily, almost everything here is boxed up, so we'll be ready for the movers and will be able to transport fragile and odd shaped items through out the week before.

I'll get the final photos up as soon as I get back from San Diego Sunday!


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