Aug 7, 2009

One Year and Still Going Strong

Cameron and I celebrated our 1-year Anniversary last weekend. He surprised me with a weekend getaway to Fort Bragg. He had told me a surprise would arrive mid-afternoon Friday. We had also been talking about going out to a nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Then Thursday morning after asking about a pair of pants that were in the ironing basket, Cameron asked me what I would be wearing for our dinner. Not too surprised, assumed he was just making sure he didn't need those pants or something else ironed to coordinate. But he then asked which shoes I would be wearing. I had too much on my mind at the moment to really think about it. It was during my washing dishes by hand that night after he had loaded the dishwasher that I thought about the shoe comment and realized he would only care about my shoes if he was packing for me. So by bed on Thursday I knew where we were going.

We packed up the corvette and headed to Fort Bragg around 3 pm Friday. We stopped in for a bathroom break at Granzella's in Williams before getting onto HWY 20. The place burnt down a few years ago. It was good to see the rebuild kept the same charm of the old building but improved areas that needed improving including a women's bathroom with several stalls and sinks versus 1.

On to HWY 20 and the winding road. Cameron sure had fun driving the vette on this road. We could have done without the crow that tried to attach the car along the way. On the way home we saw a crow limping on the side of the road - we like to think it was the same crow that got too close to another car. Of course, then on the way home a sparrow tried to attack the car as well! He would not have won that battle.

We stayed at the Pine Beach Inn that has access to a private beach. It was foggy when we arrived, but still light out, so we headed down and wandered a little bit, but our hungry tummies got to us soon after we hiked down there.

After a little perusing of the local magazine guides and Cameron on the computer, we settled on the North Coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg for dinner. Between the garlic waffle fries and beer battered onion rings, not to mention the burgers we had, we definitely had our share of grease that night. After dinner we stopped in at Safeway to grab our breakfast (two diet pepsis) and a bottle of champagne. We couldn't remember if our hotel room even had real glasses or plastic, so we also picked up some plastic glasses - they ended up being a better option than the hotel plastic glasses. So classy! We seem to find ourselves drinking champagne out of plastic cups when on vacation - guess its a tradition.

Saturday we headed to glass beach. We went to the wrong beach at first so we took a walk along the cliffs and enjoyed the scenery. Once we got to glass beach we began the beach combing. The poor beach has been picked through quite a bit as compared to previous visits years ago. Cameron had fun finding and playing in the tide pools as well. For lunch we headed into Mendocino, settling on Bayview Cafe which has gorgeous views of the ocean. After lunch we ended up shopping a little and purchasing a bottle of wine for Lynde, since she and Matt were watching Mel for us and a magnum of J champagne to be opened when we move into the new house. We also picked up a Christmas tree ornament. We have a tradition of getting a Christmas ornament any where we go on vacation that represents where we went. It makes decorating the tree that more enjoyable as we remember each trip together.

After an afternoon nap, we headed to The Cliff House for our special dinner and then drove up the coast for a little while before it got too dark. All in all we had a wonderful and relaxing few days away on the cool and foggy coast. Sunday we got up early and headed home. We didn't want to miss the BBQ at Matt & Lynde's. The Fosters came with their two dogs, Bella and Guinness as did the McGraths - between the four dogs and Kaley running around, it was pretty funny. And both families walked over to our house with us to see the progress.

We're only about a month out from getting our keys! We went by yesterday - tiling is started and cabinets are in! We can hardly wait!


Anniversary Trip to Fort Bragg, CA