Jul 22, 2009

House Update!

The week after the Jensen Family Reunion in Wyoming, Cameron and I received some great news - it was time for our frame walk through! On Friday July 10th, we made it out to the house, where the super walked us through all our electrical outlets, light switches and additional electrical items, like the gas stub for the BBQ and AMP for a future hot tub.

Then we were given our close date. And that's when things got interesting. We've always been told that closing was usually about 5 weeks from the frame walk through. Which would have put us at August 14. We looked at the 9/11 date and really didn't think too much of it - we initially thought it was a few days earlier then we expected. It wasn't until I said September 11 out loud that Cameron and I both realized that our close date was 9 weeks out! We quickly went back to the sales office to investigate. Even Cindy hadn't caught on to it. After some investigation on our part and Cindy's, the date is staying at September 11. We spoke with Matt & Lynde and they didn't close until 7 weeks after their frame walk through, and they have a one story house. And Cindy found out the delay is due to the cabinet makers. They've laid people off during the slowdown and while they are busier now, don't want to hire again in case another slowdown occurs.

We're actually just happy to have a close date. This works at pretty well for us, as most of our weekends are busy from here until September 19, which is when we would schedule movers. I'm headed to San Diego with Lynde on the actual close date, but Cameron would be able to use the weekend to get the backyard trenched and readied for cement. We're working on scheduling Comcast for now. once we get Comcast gets nailed down we'll be able to schedule movers and a landscaper for pouring the back porch the way we want it.

Until then, we're slowly packing. As the day its closer, we'll pack more.


Jul 15, 2009

July 4th

Cameron and I spent the July 4th holiday in Lander, Wyoming. Cameron was getting introduced to the rest of my mom's family, as the Jensens were getting together for a family reunion. This many of us haven't gotten together since my grandmother passed away in December 2004.

We arrived early July 2 in Salt Lake City. We then waited 2 hours in the baggage claim waiting for my parents to arrive. For some reason we thought they were coming in 10 minutes after us. Nope, that was our flights home. Once we secured the rental car onward to Lander - a 5 hour drive that took us 6 1/2 due to potty breaks, food breaks and road construction where the road became dirt.

Most of the family showed up Friday afternoon. Cameron, my dad, Uncle Chris and cousin Adam spent that day golfing, while my mom and I helped my Aunt Cynde prepare for the masses. Cameron and I stayed up late chatting with my cousin Brenda and her friends that came to see her, Laurie and T, who drove out from Modesto.

Of course, Saturday morning, and the 4th of July Lander parade came quickly. We met the family up on the roof top patio of Tony's Pizza on Main street. Perfect for watching the parade and launching water balloons. Just not a family reunion without them. After the parade, Cameron and I grabbed a quick lunch and a nap before the big family dinner and photos.

Sunday some family began to leave. Cameron and my dad played another round of golf with Chris and Adam, while those who weren't hitting the road just yet headed up to the Sinks. This is where the river disappears into a mountain and trickles through it before showing up on the other side, known as the Rise. The rise is also where huge Trout gather and kids can feed after puchasing a handful of fish food.

All in all it was a great trip, catching up with family and introducing Cameron to them. We don't get together often being that there are so many of us, but its a fun time when we do.

Jul 14, 2009

Annual Wine Trip

Whew...didn't realize its been so long since I blogged. And we've been busy. So to start where I left off.

The weekend after my 10 year reunion was our annual wine trip. So on Saturday, June 13, a group of our friends all met up at the Double Tree in Rohnert Park. We'd be touring the Russian River Valley for this year's trip. After some early check ins, we all climbed into the Limo and headed out.

First stop, Sunce. The staff there was really nice and let us taste bottles not on the tasting list but on sale in the tasting room. Ended up purchasing a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. We spent a bit of time here as one couple was late to meeting us at the hotel so they had to take a cab to meet up with us.

We then went to Hook & Ladder, where we enjoyed a couple different chardonnays and other white wines. The biggest hit with this location was the Fireman's Hot Sauce. We ended up with a bottle of one of the Chardonnays and a bottle of the hot sauce.

Next stop was Harvest Moon Winery. The owner actually conducted the tasting, along with his dog Charlotte Brown, a very sweet chocolate lab mix. This place featured many different reds, including Zinfandels. Cameron bought a more expensive Zin that the owner signed and told us to hold on to for another year before it would be perfect for consuming.

We then headed to one last winery. I don't remember the name - I just remember it was in a large barn and the tasting room was also the brew room and it was freezing in there. We did make one small purchase of Sun-dried tomato pesto, which was very yummy on some crackers. I spent most of the time at this winery in the limo or sun!

Since we still had the limo for another hour, though the wineries were closing, our limo driver took us to a general tasting room downtown. But nothing intrigued us there.

After some downtime, most of us regrouped for dinner. Some went bowling after that, while Cameron, Matt & I called it a night. Lynde had called it a night before dinner. We also all decided that in a few years our annual wine trip needs to take place in France or Italy. I wonder where we'll go next year?