May 31, 2009


As I mentioned last time, Cameron and I headed to Tucson to see my parents over memorial day. I hadn't seen my parents since February and Cameron hadn't seen then since Christmas - this would be his first visit to the new house. We flew in late Thursday night. My parents picked us up at the airport. Their friends Betsy and Paul were kind enough to stay up for our arrival (they were also in town to visit my parents and had arrived the day before). Except for my dad who still had to go into work Friday, we all stayed up until 1 AM catching up (and getting to know each other).

Cameron had Friday off but I had some work to do. Luckily, I worked hard Thursday so I didn't have much. By noon, Mom, Cameron, Paul, Betsy and I were headed to the nearby town of Tubac to check out the local shops. It's a cute little town and once we're in the new house look forward to shopping for items to put into it. We came across one store full of area rugs. Not only were the rugs gorgeous, but the owner's dog was too. We fell in love with it! It's called a Rhodesian Ridgeback. This one was a cinnamon color with black muzzle. At only 2 years old, he was very docile but also quite friendly. Best way to describe him is regal. You can see him on their web site The owner said that all he does is run him in the morning and evening and he's quiet the rest of the day.

Saturday, Cameron's step-sister and niece drove from Phoenix to go to the Desert Museum with us. We arrived at the museum just in time to sit in and listen on a lecture about rattlesnakes and geliamonsters. This included these such animals on a table near the lecturer. Yes, they were alive. Every time that dahm rattlesnake rattled, I jumped. I did learn that the so-called rattlesnake vaccine for dogs is a hoax. The lecturer said it's not been proven in any clinical study to help and actually gives owners a false sense of stability. Always take your pet to the vet if bitten by a rattler. Good to know since we will be moving to rattlesnake country with the new house.

Saturday evening, my mom made all of us a delicious dinner. Sunday, the guys went golfing, while Mom, Betsy and myself spent the morning baking Cameron a chocolate cake for his birthday and then went shopping that afternoon. After a nice lamb roast dinner, we celebrated Cameron and my birthdays. Cameron definitely enjoyed his chocolate cake, too.

Monday it was off to the airport and back home. I had the week off due to furloughs, so I spent it trying to run again...I have a long way to go...and packing. I've got a good start on non-essential kitchen items and the hutch is completely packed up. I'll continue on with pictures and such as the next weeks go by. I have another furlough week the first week of July, so I'll get real serious on the packing then.

As for this weekend, Cameron and I have been dog-sitting for Matt & Lynde. We love Cody, but boy does she have energy. We took her on two walks yesterday and a very long one this morning, but the second we get home she's all wiggles all over again.

The pics above are from the Desert Museum.


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