May 14, 2009

A Solid Foundation...

Tuesday morning I awoke to a Facebook message from Lynde: "Yeah for the cement truck in front of your house!"

Cameron and I had an appointment with the builder at 4 that day to finalize some more options and upgrades. After the appointment we headed over to the lot. Sure enough, our foundation had been laid. Wood supposedly should have been delivered yesterday and the framework should get started by the end of this week.

We had Mel with us, so we took her out to see the foundation as well. The cows were near the fence this day, so we went over to have a look. To our surprise Mel got real excited and wanted to go play with the cows, sticking her nose through the barbed wire lines squares of the fence. She walked away scratch free. The cows weren't so sure about us or her.

As for other events in our lives, Saturday was the Race for The Cure. Thank you to every one who supported me and this great cause. Next year, please join me! Kim and I had a great time briskly walking the 3 mile route. Kim's daughter Kaley even took part, racing in the Kid's 50 meter dash. She enjoyed both times she ran :). With Sunday being Mother's Day we headed to Vicki's for a late lunch with the rest of the family, stopping in to see Grandma Betty and the Nagles on our way home. Always great to see everyone. I am looking forward to this weekend to sleep in, since last week and weekend lacked in that department between Kelsey's med schedule and plans. Luckily she's down to one med, two times a day and we don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to administer it.

Looks like I'll come home to some real developments next week. Monday night I'm headed to Vegas for work, coming home Wednesday night. Thursday night we head to Tucson to visit my parents!


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