May 8, 2009

Kelsey Lou Comes Home

Today we received very good news...Kelsey got to come home. We thought Jake missed her...maybe we were wrong. Since Kelsey got home this afternoon, he has been hissing and growling at her. He won't even come within a few feet of her before running the other way.

And while it is great to have Kelsey home, the 4 medications that came home with her aren't as welcome. They require almost around the clock administering. Our evenings begin at 6 PM with one, 7 PM for another, 9 PM for another and the last at 10 PM. The first returns at midnight and 6 AM. Another requires a 6 AM and 2 PM doses. And one more at 7 AM. I know understand why the Vet Techs were so happy to see Kelsey go - she's not very open to the medicine either. I'm being patient and playing nurse. Poor little girl is very drugged out.

In other news, the next step to our house is pouring the foundation. Should be early next week.


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