Apr 22, 2009

We’re Going Solar!

The Saturday night before Easter, Cameron came downstairs and declared that interest rates and rebates for buying a home right now were just too good to pass up. We needed to start house hunting again. Liking the idea, we decided we would head to Matt & Lynde’s for Easter Dinner early to check out some of the new homes in their area. Being Easter, their builder was closed. We checked another development a few miles away that was open and found a house within our price range that we liked. But we wanted to see some more first.

Monday, Cameron and I took the afternoon off and headed to Matt & Lynde’s builder, Woodside. There we found a home I loved – Cameron had seen it when he was house hunting last year, knew I would love it, but the price was too high then. Not any more. We sat down with the sales lady, Cindy, and priced out a new home with the upgrades we knew we would want. Still good. We went home to sleep on it.

Tuesday morning I called Cindy to set up an appointment to sign the paperwork. We had the desktop loan approval Wednesday. This Monday we met with the lender to complete the paperwork, the same day our lot was graded. Today, the lot has been trenched and the foundation frame built. Our new home should be completed mid- to late August! We’ll be living just two streets over from Matt & Lynde. We can currently see their house from our lot! Golf carts will be purchased for quick back and forth travel between the houses – though a 5 minute walk isn’t bad either.

Did I mention the house is solar? Yup! We’ll have solar tiles on one part of the roof, special insulation and windows. You can check out their photos of the model home here. Otherwise, watch our house grow as we update our Picasa web album.

Exciting, exciting!


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